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Preventing Project Failure

Recent studies show that approximately 40% of all software projects fail. There are many questions that surround this number, such as: why is the failure rate so high, and what are the main contributors to undesirable outcomes? But the most important question is how can you prevent your projects from being a part of 40%?

If your organization has undergone any type of change in delivery model, you know that the path to transforming an organization is never an easy one. There are many barriers, from structural deficiencies, to cultural issues, to people matters. Luckily, this isn’t an uncommon challenge, nor is it insurmountable if you have a strong approach and the right level of support.

Getting on the Right Path

AgileIgnite™ from AgileThought is a comprehensive two-week agile assessment that provides your team with the information and strategic guidance you need to improve communication, workflow and quality within your IT projects.


After completion, your organization will be equipped to implement some or all of the outlined plans either on your own or in conjunction with AgileThought. Our roadmap, coupled with an attack plan, gives your organization the tools to win big on projects!

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