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Podcast Ep. 5: Exploring an Experimental Mindset with Adam Ulery


Episode Description:

In today’s episode of Agile Coaches’ Corner, host Dan Neumann joins AgileThought colleague, Adam Ulery, to discuss experimental mindsets.

As a senior agile coach and a multifamily property investor, Adam is a perpetually curious, continuous learner who is always willing to encourage others to try new things. Adam help organizations of all sizes clarify and meet their business outcomes. He is passionate about helping companies to become resilient, rediscover curiosity and change their traditional approach to business.

In today’s episode, Dan and Adam explore both the ‘experimental’ and the ‘mindset’ side of an experimental mindset, fully explaining what it is, how it’s used, the importance of it and the benefits. They also highlight how to successfully explore an experimental mindset and some of the key learnings that can come from implementing it.

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Key Takeaways

  • What is an ‘experimental mindset?’
    • Trying something new or different to see if it will work with an intention
    • Intention about what you’re setting out to learn (through a hypothesis) and then measuring results
  • How to successfully set out to experiment:
    • Begin with an end in mind (i.e. know what you’re setting out to achieve)
    • Be curious and start asking questions
    • Have a general awareness as a team and notice patterns to identify areas that may need experimenting (i.e. “what would happen if…?”)
    • Begin collecting data to help identify patterns
  • The importance of ‘mindset’ in an experimental mindset:
    • Being open and willing to try new things
    • Approaching it with a genuine curiosity
  • The benefits of an experimental mindset:
    • The results will always be valuable regardless of the outcome
    • They are small, safe experiments vs. big, risky bets
    • Provide valuable learning outcomes that mitigate risk

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