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Podcast Ep. 7: Understanding Product Management with Ryan Dorrell


Episode Description:

In today’s episode of Agile Coaches’ Corner, host Dan Neumann joins AgileThought cofounder and Chief Solutions Officer, Ryan Dorrell. Dorrell leads the strategic design of AgileThought’s portfolio of offerings and services across their practice areas, focusing on understanding what the future looks like for their clients and how they can best serve them.

In this episode, they will explore the topic of product management. Dorrell explains what it is, the ideal skill set and thinking that goes into it, the benefits, and his own tips and techniques around it. He also goes in-depth about the differences between projects vs. products — and why you really should be joining the #noprojects movement!

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Key Takeaways

  • What is (software) product management? And what goes into it?
    • A lot of creativity, diverse skill set, and a different mindset around solving problems
    • Continuously delivering value and aligning with products and services that provide to customers
    • Solves a problem in a unique way
    • Engaging with customers for feedback loops
    • Customer journey maps, user story mapping, design thinking, and workshops
  •  The benefits of product management:
    • Builds empathy with customers and focuses on understanding their needs
    • Addresses the user experience
    • Helps to make systems more delightful and engaging to use
  •  Ryan’s tips and techniques around product management:
    • Go start learning and understanding the aspect of taking products to market
    • Be prepared to learn a lot of new skills and techniques
  • Projects vs. Products:
      • A project is a temporary endeavor (to create a product or service) with a deadline
      • A product satisfies a need, a want, or solves a problem and continuously evolves with customers/users feedback
      • With product management, there is less focus on timesheets and more focus on the product itself
      • Projects stop and start, while products respond to change


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