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3 Strategies for Approaching Conflict with Civility

June 25, 2019

Let’s face it—conflict, especially within teams, is inevitable. But how you choose


3 Success Factors for Managing Distributed Agile Teams

May 24, 2019

Working remotely is not just a trend—it’s the new normal: Hiring managers expect

Software Product Strategy

6 Success Factors for Envisioning a New Enterprise Software Product

January 18, 2019

Recently, I spoke with an insurance company’s Director of Application Development who

sprint review assessment

Free Assessment: How Do Your Sprint Reviews Stack Up? 

December 13, 2018

Do your Sprint Reviews feel ineffective? Are you unsure if you’re using Sprint Reviews

how to identify and overcome agile cognitive bias

How to Identify and Overcome Cognitive Biases on Agile Teams

November 19, 2018

Our brains are wired to notice patterns and to respond quickly, but not always correctly.

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