ACH Solution Provides Additional Financial Security​

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About The Customer

A 25-year veteran of electronic payments security, this organization provides banks and financial institutions with secure automated clearing house (ACH) and other high-risk transaction services. Their offerings include an electronic payments decision portal, financial transaction process automation, and fraud prevention.


This electronic payment solutions organization had a need for a software development partner that would help them design, develop and package a commercial application that would become a core product. The application would be utilized by financial institutions and alert them of fraudulent transactions. The customer had documented the problem, and had specifications ready, but was in need of a software development partner to execute their vision.

Continuous communication and frequent iterations were crucial to the project success. The process, to the customer, was as important as the deliverable. They wanted to make sure the build was in line with their vision, and wouldn’t go off course.

Taking a Digital Strong Approach

AgileThought assembled a product development team consisting of a project manager, architect, developers and QA analysts. The nearshore model, with benefits of the same time zone and cultural alignment, enabled AgileThought and customer teams to work seamlessly together.

AgileThought delivered a web-based technology platform consisting of web front-end and back office configuration screens for batch processing of transactions. Additionally, AgileThought delivered a secure framework to send alert notifications for fraudulent transactions.


  • Product architecture documentation
  • Product features and design documentation
  • Product backlog
  • Sprint backlog
  • Release burndown
  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint review
  • Sprint retrospective
  • Test plans
  • Test strategy
  • Test cases

Technology Used

  • Microsoft .NET/SQL*Server
  • Microsoft SSIS
  • CSS, CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • JQuery UI

A Smarter Way to Source Large-Scale IT Projects

AgileThought successfully delivered an ACH C.O.P.S. (Credit Origination Positive-Pay Services) solution. It was strategically designed to prevent losses that result from an account takeover. The patented C.O.P.S. process provides multiple layers of security within a single application to defeat fraud and achieve FFIEC compliance. The organization successfully implemented this application and continues to help its customers fight fraud.

Large application systems require a team with a knowledge of system development, interactivity, and testing. AgileThought blends the cost-effective sourcing model with industry knowledge and service excellence for the optimal vendor experience.

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