azure in manufacturing industry case study

Manufacturing Excellence with Azure: Building A Real-Time Cloud-Based Process Control System

azure in manufacturing industry case study
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A leading process manufacturer with annual revenue over $641 million, thousands of employees and six United States based manufacturing facilities was faced with the challenge of completely rebuilding and updating its manufacturing operations system. The system needed to provide complex production analytics in an easily digestible format for plant employees utilizing a user-friendly dashboard that could be viewed across all device types. Previously, manual reporting and processes checks were to be modernized and automated within the new system. The real-time data collected by the new system would monitor production and inform critical decisions at all six plants. The facilities run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and do not allow downtime for transitions or updates throughout this process.

Client Challenges

  • Standardizing the system across six plants with over 31 production units that operate different equipment and production flows.
  • Designing a user experience-focused dashboard that visualizes the critical data and provides updates to staff in real time, while providing prompts for systematic checks.
  • Building a complex integrated system that provides automated reporting and systems checks that can be transitioned and updated without production downtime.
  • (Phase II work to be completed) Integrating complex process controls for the specific machinery at each facility to produce meaningful data.

AgileThought delivered a company-wide production solution and reporting tools to replace the existing system and enhanced its ability to monitor and drive the manufacturing process. Using Azure and on-site redundancies for zero data loss and zero downtime, the company continues to modernize its systems and services as it grows.

Value Delivered

Build A New Tracking & Reporting System

Increased plant efficiencies have been realized and downtime has been minimized – increasing total viable production. The updated system relies on cutting-edge Microsoft technology to distribute real-time updates to personnel on the shop floor. SQL Azure collects and aggregates analytics from these machines through a touch-friendly user experience.

Detailed Reporting & Monitoring Dashboard

A more robust and user-centric reporting system was designed to allow employees to visualize data more effectively – driving more accurate and timely production decisions. Manual reporting and process checks and balances were automated to ensure proper production management and increase efficiency

Managed Cloud Services

AgileThought is delivering long-term operational excellence by providing infrastructure monitoring, backup and support to ensure Azure’s performance is maximized. Updates are deployed throughout the system and plants instantly, resulting in zero downtime. Deployments are taking place once every two weeks.

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azure in manufacturing industry case study

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