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How New Insights Helped Centricity Nearly Double Revenue

data analysis made easy
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Centricity, a leading provider of new home warranties and extended service contracts, wanted to replace its legacy reporting solution with Power BI—Microsoft’s leading solution for self-service reports and interactive data visualizations. To achieve this, Centricity sought AgileThought’s help to implement a Power BI solution, train users on how to properly leverage Power BI’s features, and empower clients with access to real-time, valuable insights on warranty contracts.

Client Challenges

  • Inability to quickly manipulate complex data into consumable, interactive insights
  • Creating reports on the legacy system was time consuming and hindered productivity and performance
  • Existing reporting system was unscalable and unable to keep pace with growing reporting demands

Solution Delivered

AgileThought built a Power BI solution on top of Centricity’s legacy AS/400 system to create on-demand reporting without the hassle of a full system migration. AgileThought led the company through the entire data warehousing lifecycle, which included:

  • Architecting a Power BI solution to establish secure collaboration and simplify report sharings
  • Establishing a data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) process—along with an auditing and notification framework—using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to move data from AS/400 to SQL Server 2016 to extract data and simplify reporting
  • Using Azure Analysis Services to ensure scalability and performance, while centralizing all business logic in a standard semantic model
  • Modeling the data to improve query performance, enable drilldown analysis and enforce role-level security
Thanks to Power BI’s real-time insights and advanced data manipulation capabilities, Centricity has reduced turnaround time on complex custom reports by over 50%

Value Delivered

Interactive, Real-Time Reporting

Thanks to Power BI’s real-time insights and advanced data manipulation capabilities, Centricity has reduced turnaround time on complex custom reports by over 50%. Previously, reporting was a spreadsheet-heavy, time-consuming process; now, data is refreshed daily and the company’s clients can apply filters, change parameters and drill into details to provide curated reports and personalized dashboards for each warranty.

Client-Winning Competitive Advantage

By providing greater transparency into warranty service statistics, loss ratios for specific appliances, and appliance failure rates, Power BI has helped the company improve forecasting and pricing strategies. Additionally, Power BI’s easy yet powerful reporting capabilities has given Centricity a significant competitive advantage—even helping the company win new client deals that nearly doubled their annual revenue.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Data Reporting Solution

Implementing Power BI required little additional cost except for the purchase of a few Power BI Pro subscriptions, unlike other data analytics solutions that require expensive infrastructure, software licensing and other standup costs. Power BI has not only given Centricity access to deeper insights, but has also paved a path for future innovation: since Power BI is cloud-based, Centricity can quickly scale and adapt to growing reporting demands as needed. And, if the team decides to migrate their entire system to the cloud in the future, they will be able to continue reporting during the migration without disrupting the business.

New Role-Level Organizational Security

Using Power BI’s inherent security features, like role-level security, Centricity ensures that each client only sees the warranty data that pertains to their specific accounts. With this personalized view, clients can easily see how many warranties they’ve sold, monitor the status of warranties, and gain new insights into their business.

Driving Adoption Through End-To-End Partnership

To accelerate Power BI adoption, AgileThought provided coaching and mentorship through Power BI Ignite—an offering designed to help clients overcome the challenges and pitfalls associated with deploying Power BI in a secure, reliable manner. From data modeling and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) development to creating security roles, AgileThought taught the Centricity team how to fully leverage Power BI’s robust reporting features. During the handover at the end of the engagement, AgileThought also reviewed other Microsoft technologies with Centricity—like Azure DevOps, Master Data Services (MDS) models and more—to expand the company’s Microsoft expertise and help spread this knowledge to other departments.

AgileThought has always been a great partner. When it comes to their ability to implement a technical solution quickly, they’ve always provided top-notch talent and helped us, regardless of the need. So, we turned to them when our internal business intelligence team didn’t have the capacity to work on a mission-critical project. Given the importance of the project and its time sensitivity, there was no other vendor I trusted to get the work done. The Power BI solution they delivered elicited a lot of excited feedback from both internal and external users, as it was able to provide Centricity new ways of looking at and manipulating data.
Nathan Schroeder, CIO of Centricity

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