Data-Driven Mobile App Empowers Pharma Sales Team to Gain a Competitive Edge

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Value delivered

  • Process efficiency: report creation is 600x faster; from 20 minutes to 2 seconds
  • Sales effectiveness: customized insights allow reps to deliver more value in face-to-face meetings
  • Sales performance: reps are better prepared to pursue opportunities and close deals
  • Sales utility: from 10% use of Excel to 98% use of the mobile app
  • New functionality: Geospatial location, data visualization, personalized dashboards
  • Monitoring & support: SLAs addressed within one hour; new functionality released weekly with Agile/DevOps approach


A pharmaceutical sales rep’s job is intricate, challenging, and constantly changing. One of the most significant changes in the past decade involves how they interact with physicians. Last year, only 54% of physicians met with pharma reps for an average of six minutes. In addition, physicians report that up to 68% of the time, reps show them information they’ve already seen1. To remain relevant, sales teams need to evolve in step with physician’s decreased availability and respond to an increased need for relevant, non-promotional content.

Time is precious, and sales reps need to be prepared. Real-time data and analytics are the key to identifying intelligent insights and delivering fresh, relevant information that will help physicians better serve their patients and improve health outcomes.

Turning Data Challenges into Sales Opportunities

A multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to modernize sales processes by giving reps on-the-go access to information to maximize their meeting time with physicians. Previously, there was no way for sales teams to visualize and analyze data in real-time. To prepare for meetings, they would have to wait 15-20 minutes for Excel reports to be delivered and spend hours manipulating data to look for business insights. Only 10% of the pharmaceutical salesforce used the system a few times each quarter.

The company enlisted AgileThought to replace the outdated, inefficient legacy system with a mobile platform that provides real-time access to reliable and trusted data – and the insights it delivers. Instead of relying on cumbersome Excel reports and do-it-yourself data analytics, the mobile app allows sales teams and leaders to use data to its full strategic potential.

We wanted something that was fast, intuitive, mobile and that the sales teams could easily access insights to help them understand the state of their business.
Operations Director

The Solution: Mobility that Empowers Users and Drives Business Value

The AgileThought team leveraged experience in both pharmacy business operations and data analytics to create custom dashboards that consolidate massive amounts of data from disparate sources and transform it into a complete, high-quality, sales-ready tool. The highly scalable solution provides eight different sales forces, each specialized by treatment area, with a fast, user-friendly app that offers personalized interfaces, online and offline access, and the assurance of zero downtime.

App Features & Functionality

pharmacy sales application

Never Stop Improving

Post-deployment, the customer trusted AgileThought’s Continuous RUN practice for infrastructure monitoring, backup, and support. This includes managing 2,000 mobile users logging in at minimum three times per day, loading over 3TB of data in less than 36 weekend hours to maintain daily operations, and releasing new functionality every week.

In addition to ensuring that the application runs consistently and correctly, our team leverages an Agile/DevOps approach to efficiently implement enhancements and improvements that continually optimize performance.

Making Each minute Count: Sales Insight and Efficiency

With on-the-go access to customized insights and relevant patient materials, reps are now armed with the information they need to make every minute with a doctor count. No more downloading and scrutinizing reports the night before visits. Meeting preparation is fast, efficient, and mobile. Reps can quickly access their interaction histories, analyze reports on the physician’s prescribing trends, and review the latest competitive intelligence.

In addition to optimizing their meeting time, sales reps are now also able to optimize their own time. Instead of having to search information for insights, they receive personalized alerts with actionable insights in real time (for example, a rep will receive an alert if one of their prescribers drops market share). Geospatial visualizations highlighting their top and bottom accounts in the vicinity allow reps to prioritize visits and, in case of a last minute cancellation, reschedule their day using an integrated Google map to select an alternate physician in the area to meet with.

The app has exceeded our expectations on many levels. User acceptance and feedback have been nothing short of extraordinary. It is safe to say that everyone at the organization is thrilled with the new app.
Sales Operations Director

Realize The Potential of Your Data

Is siloed, disorganized data inhibiting your organization’s growth? There’s no need to handle data manually anymore; a mobile analytics platform can process massive amounts of data from disparate sources, freeing up your people to focus on higher-value tasks.

For this project, our team combined data analytics, mobile development, and support practices with AgileThought’s consultative approach to drive rapid, meaningful change. Whether you’re moving from a legacy reporting tool or looking to drive more utility from your data, AgileThought can provide the strategy, roadmap, best practices, and support you need to maximize the return on your data investment.

Data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, 6 times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable.
-McKinsey Global Institute


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