developed mobile app||mobile app development

How AgileThought Developed a Mobile App that Benefits Patients, Practitioners, and the Bottom Line

developed mobile app||mobile app development
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Using Technology to Care for the Care Provider

Despite technology advancements, two factors remain constant in every healthcare organization: the patient is at the center of care, and care providers are dedicated to positive patient outcomes. When it comes to patient care and the patient experience, nurses (especially home infusion specialists) are often the professionals on the frontline.

Nurses today are constantly on the go, working in high-stress, data-intensive environments that are, for the most part, still dominated by inefficient paper-based processes. In a recent survey, almost half of nurses said that they had considered leaving the profession because they are spending too much time on paperwork and not enough time with patients.

Mobile technology can address not only the problem of paperwork, but many of the most pressing concerns facing the nursing profession– increased workload, staff shortages, meeting patient expectations, and more. Not surprisingly, the majority of healthcare providers are already onboard: 93% of healthcare professionals believe that access to health apps allows them to provide a superior standard of care to patients, and 88% of nurses are actively using mobile health apps on their own devices at their workplace.

AgileThought has experience building a custom mobile application that simplified the recording process for home healthcare nurses. That experience, and learning what nurses need to improve care, prepared the team for this project.

The Challenge: Paperwork Before Patients

A large specialty pharmacy that helps patients and providers throughout the U.S. with oral, injected, and infused medications, was facing a problem: there was no reliable way for specialty infusion nurses to enter clinical data into the ERP application while in a patient’s home. Nurses had to manually document clinical assessment, patient scheduling, visit forms, invoicing, and billing. Completed documents were then scanned into the ERP application. In order to use the app, nurses had to access a patient’s internet or use a hot spot, potentially putting a patient’s PHI at risk.

The Solution: Mobility that Puts the Patient First

The specialty pharmacy decided it was time to implement new mobile technology. To turn that decision into a reality, the company enlisted AgileThought to develop a mobile app that would enable electronic completion of all visit data: patient assessments, scheduling, timesheets, billing, and invoices. A critical feature: the app needed to function without internet access in the patient’s home and automatically sync once connected to the company’s secure network.

Taking a Digital Strong Approach to Mobility

Armed with preconfigured iPads with secure connections, over 200 specialty infusion nurses are now using the app AgileThought developed on their home visits. Because the app enables nurses to document everything quickly and not waste time filling out paperwork or scanning in documents, they can dedicate more time to their patients. The result: better quality of care and a better clinician—and patient—experience overall.

In addition to helping patients and practitioners, the app has also created value for the organization as a whole: costs, time to billing, and reimbursement have since decreased while efficiency and accuracy increased. The project realized full ROI within 12 months after launch.

mobile app development


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developed mobile app

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