From Single IT Project to BioTech Business Driver

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AgileThought Leverages DevOps & Automation to Accelerate Med Manufacturing Timelines

Project at A Glance

  • Provided training on the manufacturing tool with GMP certified team.
  • Automation suite developed to increase accuracy and reduce timelines.
  • CoE developed in house to train new resources on all aspects of the manufacturing tool and the automation suite.


Product quality control, variability, and yield is top of mind for biotechnology companies. Gathering the required data from disparate sources and across the organization needs to be fast but also comply with regulations – and is a key challenge.

There’s an additional risk within specialty chemicals or drug development,: only about one in every ten experimental therapies to start clinical trials makes it to an eventual regulatory approval. The success rate in some disease categories is in the low single digits. Research costs have grown; timelines have stretched out.

To help with these challenges, biotechnology companies lean on manufacturing and process transparency tools such as Biova Discoverant, but only a few organizations have the business experience and implementation expertise to get the most out of these tools.

“The automated development and testing tools the AgileThought team built have led to significant improvements in delivery times and build quality. We’ve been able to reduce our project times by over 80% due to the efficiencies obtained through automation and workflow management.”
-Principal System Analyst

New Processes + Automation= Significant Savings

A leading biotechnology company that focuses on new drug development brought in AgileThought to help maintain and improve existing hierarchies in Discoverant. The AgileThought team grew beyond maintenance work: we implemented new processes, added automation, and helped shorten developmental timelines by almost 12 months per hierarchy.

Here’s how:

Who’s Looking Out for Your Processes?

AgileThought could have just focused on the deliverables on this project – hierarchy maintenance. In order to maximize our clients’ success, we always look for opportunities to add value regardless of project scope. By taking a consultative approach to the relationship, our team was able to identify areas that needed improvement and then build and implement a solution. The results: accelerated speed to market, improved process economics and sustainability, and maximized profitability from efficiency gains

“As a development manager for a niche software product in a regulated environment, finding experienced developers who understand compliance is a real challenge. Because training new developers can be costly and time-consuming, turnover in these specialized roles had a big impact on projects due to extensive onboarding and training. By partnering with AgileThought, we’ve been able to meet these challenges head-on by staffing with a persistent team of dedicated developers and QA specialists.”
-Customer Senior IT Manager


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