virtual wellness custom mobile application

Corporate Wellness Company FX Well Expands Virtual Coaching with New App

virtual wellness custom mobile application
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About FX Well

FX Well, the corporate wellness division of FX Studios, focuses on the optimization of organizational performance, wellness and personal health by engaging and activating employees and teammates. FX Well pairs customized wellness programming – led by passionate trainers, coaches and mentors – with a cloud-based performance gateway to achieve consistent and measurable results inside some of the world’s most recognizable corporations.


In the world of fitness training and corporate performance, what does it take to improve motivation and service?

According to the world-class trainers at FX Well, it combines the personal touch one would receive from a trainer at the gym with the convenience, accessibility, and data-tracking of a smart phone app.

Virtual coaching services are central to FX Well’s goals of creating deeper connections and mapping out wellness journeys. In 2015, FX Well partnered with AgileThought to empower more workforces – by creating a digital platform where organizations of any size could set up wellness campaigns and track progress.

The Project

Today, the project has evolved to be faster and more accessible by including a full-featured mobile app. People can now track progress through the phones and fitness wearables they use every day. The app is fully supported through AgileThought’s ServiceNow domain, ensuring uptime and scalability. Support resolution has included:

  • 15-minute average response time
  • 85% first-touch resolution
  • 30-minute average resolution time

The FX Well mobile app was developed for multiple operating systems using Xamarin, a shared codebase, cutting mobile costs by 1/3 while accelerating time to market.

Tech Talent Outside Your Door

How can we move faster? It’s the burning question of customers and development teams alike, and was the first question Nate Costa, FX Well’s CEO, asked AgileThought. The answer was simple. AgileThought posted developers within FX Well’s offices on a full-time basis. The added agility pushed up deadlines and eliminated many of the steps between feature design, trial, and implementation.

That level of service and support, when we take on higher levels of user activation, was a must-have. With devs outside our door, the rate of getting the app where we wanted it was 10X faster.
~ Nate Costa, CEO of FX Well


Virtual Coaching for the National Guard

Attrition is expensive. It costs the National Guard up to $126,000 to replace someone, which includes training and equipment.

Volunteers want to continue to serve, but are often forced to leave due to failing a yearly physical test consisting of:

  • A two-mile run
  • Pushups completed in 2 minutes
  • Sit-ups completed in 2 minutes

Through an engagement with the USO, FX Well began a trial program with the Indiana National Guard – the goal being to lower health-related attrition. The program consisted of 70 at-risk people, who did not pass their height and weight requirements.

FX Well flew a team of fitness coaches and a dietician to Indiana for a 4-day health assessment and training session. When discussing the challenges of balancing civilian life with National Guard duty, FX Well discovered that all of the participants were highly motivated to stay in the National Guard, but found daily health management and accountability challenging.

FX Well used the health assessment to design a 6-month virtual training program. The mobile app enabled fitness coaches to provide a hightouch personal training experience through the digital portal. At any time, the coach could monitor health performance data captured in the app, and use that data to map the wellness journey for each participant. Specificity was key. The trainers could monitor exactly how the National Guard volunteers were performing, and make time-sensitive calls to help them stay motivated. If, for example, one missed a scheduled workout at 3PM, their coach could check in. Coaches would also praise participants for staying on track and meeting goals.

The success rate (measured by the number of at-risk people passing the physical test) was about 80%, having a benefit of over $7 million. Indiana’s National Guard has since partnered with FX Well to roll out a state-wide wellness program.

Onboarding for Kaiser Permanente

A major challenge to realize the benefits of a wellness program is onboarding. FX Well joined forces with Kaiser Permanente to build and sustain a long-term wellness program for 8,000 employees. To tackle the challenge of onboarding, FX Well invited a group of one hundred key influencers from Kaiser Permanente to act as wellness champions.

The group participated in a full day of training at the Under Armour Performance Center in Baltimore. They learned the elements of a wellness program and how to get the most out of the FX Well mobile app. The wellness champions will then train internal teams and lead internal campaigns while FX Well guides them virtually through the app.

Logging and monitoring 8,000 people requires support. AgileThought, using the backend technology of ServiceNow, can simply track when people enter the system and quickly resolve incidents as they arise. Because FX Well is SaaS, customer HR teams (or whoever owns the program) have single sign-on capability, and can easily manage entire wellness campaigns. 

Wellness at Work

The FX Well app is not just for organizations who rely on fitness, like Under Armour and the National Guard. The advantages gained by establishing and sustaining an employee wellness program have been well documented.

Benefits of a Wellness Program*

  • Healthy employees have 41% lower health-related costs compared to less active peers
  • One disease management wellness program saw a 30% reduction in hospital admissions
  • A Fortune 500 company saved $250 million on healthcare costs over a ten-year period

*Source: Harvard Business Review at

FX Well continues to support performance-driven organizations with virtual coaching services. Find more by visiting AgileThought helps more companies enter a path to DIGITAL STRONG. Source powerful, cost-effective IT on your terms.

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virtual wellness custom mobile application

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