innovation in IT delivery

Igniting Innovation in IT Delivery

innovation in IT delivery
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A global professional services firm—with approximately 245,000 employees servicing over 150 countries—needed to create a modern, centralized auditing platform to maintain its leadership position in the auditing space for Fortune 500 companies. To achieve this, the firm sought AgileThought’s expertise to build an auditing “platform of the future” while simultaneously helping improve its IT delivery culture through a collaborative development model.

Client Challenges

    • Creating a nimbler organization poised to adapt to business environment changes faster within the confines of a complex enterprise system
    • Creating a modern, intuitive, user-centric interface to reduce administrative time for staff and attract future talent into the firm
    • Consolidating disparate data into one enterprise platform to set the foundation for future business intelligence and analytics initiatives
    • Migrating complex tools to the cloud to eliminate unnecessary costs and increase speed
    • Uniting creative minds from across the globe and fostering a culture of innovation in an industry known for its outdated methodologies
The AgileThought studio model is a collaborative, dynamic workspace environment which facilitates a truly agile culture and way of working…one that drives our teams to get the best out of themselves every day. We’ve experienced continuous improvement in productivity, creativity, focus, and connection—our people love it.

A New Vision for Business Operations

Together, the AgileThought team and the firm’s team members created an agile, engaged workforce that became invested on day one; AgileThought enabled the global firm to redefine the way it approaches its business by reframing its IT delivery culture and creating a proactive and collaborative approach to development projects

Time-Saving DevOps Function

With AgileThought’s help, the client established a DevOps function that increased speed-to-market; production time was reduced from months to weeks, enabling end-users to leverage new functionality much faster.

‘Platform of the Future’

By creating a cloud-based, centralized platform, the firm significantly reduced the number of systems its staff uses daily; implementing this platform also set the foundation for future business intelligence initiatives throughout the organization.

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innovation in IT delivery

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