provide secure management for accessing data||secure data management

Leading Retailer Trusts AgileThought to Provide Secure Management for Accessing Data

provide secure management for accessing data||secure data management
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Data Integrity, Security, and the Global Supply Chain

Making Data Available Globally and Securely

As supply chains become globalized, they also become more complex. As a result, most, if not all, supply chains struggle with a recurring issue: data integrity – the validity and accuracy of data.

For retailers who take their business abroad, the question becomes how to provide secure management for accessing data. One crucial step a company can take to ensure data integrity (and data security) is to limit access to core systems by implementing user controls. By following privileged access management (PAM) guidelines, companies can make sure only the people that need access to data have it.

Privileged Access Management:

secure data management

The Challenge: Managing and Controlling Access Outside the U.S.

One of the world’s leading auto parts retailers opened an office in China to manage supply chain logistics and purchasing. However, because of data security protocols, users in the China office did not have access to real time data or the ability to make updates. The workaround was far from efficient or effective: users in China had to ask users in the US to execute their requests and manually make updates for them. The process meant that requests took at least 24 hours to be completed.

Instead of allowing zero access, the retailer needed to find a way to manage and control access to its network so that users in China could see and update only the data they needed without breaking existing security protocols.

The Solution: Security Access – When Least is Best

As a long-term IT partner known for getting things done, AgileThought was brought in to create and implement user controls that would meet the access needs of users in China and the InfoSec team.

The project presented some unique challenges: it required AgileThought to quickly learn and leverage two new technologies – Jenkins and PCF. It also required collaboration and teamwork – these technologies were also new to the client, so there was a learning curve on both sides. And due to the sensitive data involved, the information security team was paying extremely close attention to our work and every step had to go through them before implementation.

Following PAM’s Principle of Least Access – users should only possess the permissions necessary for performing their job duties and no more – AgileThought built a web-based application that gives users real-time access to the data they need (and only the data they need), maintains data integrity, and reduces organizational security risk.

Digital Strong Solutions Require an IT Partner, Not an IT Vendor

When asked to implement a brand-new technology for the first time, many IT vendors respond with a shrug, “Sorry, we don’t have the time/resources in that area.” Our response, however, is quite different: “If we don’t know it, we will learn it. Fast.”

As this retailer’s long-term IT partner, AgileThought was already familiar with their line of business, systems, tools, and company culture. As a result, our team was trusted to fill in knowledge and need gaps.

Is Protecting Your Privileged Users A Priority?

Insufficient PAM practices continue to be a critical challenge for many organizations, despite the growing risks of data breaches and security incidents (last year, cybercrime cost businesses more than $600 billion). Why do so many enterprises lack the essential capabilities for protecting their privileged users?

It could come down to priorities. It’s often said that security is about the “people, process and tools” that comprise an organization’s security posture and resilience. But security teams need guidance in prioritizing projects among its tools, processes and people. After all, there are only so many projects one team can take on.

Gartner and the threat landscape agree: privileged access management is perhaps the best way to protect your data and your business.

It is difficult to know what security projects to focus on and where to get the most ROI. For new security projects, focus on those that can address a high degree of business impact – like PAM.
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provide secure management for accessing data

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