AgileThought Leverages Rapid Transition Methodology to Replace an Underperforming Vendor

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Children’s Research Hospital Quickly Fills Cerner (And Twelve Other IT) Needs


An offshore technology vendor was unable to maintain and support many of the IT systems at one of the world’s most prominent children’s research hospital. AgileThought was chosen to take over thirteen IT projects, which included managing all Cerner needs.

Custom Treatment for Cancer Research Patients Requires Custom IT

Cerner is designed for the standard hospital. Research organizations require a customized approach. A single adjustment on a patient generates a completely new treatment.

An offshore vendor had mismanaged this hospital’s critical IT systems. They fundamentally lacked the ability to support and maintain custom Cerner applications which the hospital’s clinicians relied on to adjust treatment and research campaigns. AgileThought stepped in to take over thirteen projects, including custom Cerner development.

Challenge: Replace an Underperforming Incumbent & Gain Cerner Experience

A major part of winning the thirteen-project contract was to have Cerner capabilities. AgileThought was favored to take on the projects, but did not have Cerner resources at the time.

AgileThought did, however, have the Rapid Transition Methodology, which was created for organizations who needed to adapt quickly to new technologies in the age of digital transformation.

Dedicated Cerner resources are difficult to find. AgileThought hired three Cerner experts to:

  • Lead a six-week onsite onboarding
  • Train dedicated AgileThought Cerner resources
  • Learn hospital processes and supporting IT infrastructure

The customer now benefits from a team of five dedicated Cerner resources who work in Millennium front-end development, app customization, and reporting.

Up to Speed in Months, Not Years

The customer CMIO rightfully questioned the rapid transition methodology. His experience with an unqualified offshore vendor had planted the seed of doubt, and he thought it would take years for the US-Mexico team at AgileThought to get up to speed.

As part of the Rapid Transition, AgileThought flew a team of twenty people to the research hospital for a six-week onboarding effort. They worked alongside the incumbent vendor to learn customer systems, processes, and culture.

The team, having no knowledge of the hospital’s unique IT infrastructure, was able to completely support and maintain the code and activities that were being performed by the previous offshore vendor.

The result was a seamless transition. It only took six months for AgileThought to get up to speed on all thirteen projects.

AgileThought developed the following Cerner applications:

  • A scheduling dashboard to help the hospital identify where patients and staff need to be. The tool takes Cerner scheduling and displays it on large monitors across the hospital.
  • A diagnostic imaging tool that helps techs make sure that they’re setting up the machines correctly, giving patients the right to dosages of dye, and performing radiation treatments with more accuracy.
  • A tool that enables physicians to communicate the exact steps of treatment plans as they are generated or altered, as Cerner does not inherently adapt to custom treatments.

Due to the strong, four-year relationship, this hospital has had no desire to bring Cerner expertise in house. Instead of worrying about the support and functionality of Cerner and their IT division, they focus on finding cures for childhood cancer.

The Cerner team has been a trusted partner of this children’s cancer research hospital for over four years.

What’s More Important When Sourcing IT: Cost, or The Ability to Adapt?

With AgileThought, you can expect both cost savings and adaptability. The Rapid Transition and Persistent Team™ models are the next step in the evolution of nearshore outsourcing. There is no one-size-fits-all IT model. Every organization is unique. The ability to quickly adapt to your organization’s needs is how AgileThought maintains quality excellence at cost-effective rates.

A major project benefit was that AgileThought came in well below Cerner market prices, providing a dedicated team at a significant cost advantage when compared to other vendors.


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