maximizing security with sharepoint governance

Maximizing Security with SharePoint Governance

maximizing security with sharepoint governance
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Protecting Sensitive Data with a Long-Term SharePoint Governance Plan


One of the largest electric utilities in the United States — which delivers power that typically costs about 25 percent less than the national average cost — generates, transmits, distributes and sells electric energy to over 4.5 million customer accounts. As a highly regulated organization that is widely recognized for its outstanding service reliability, the utility company saw an opportunity to audit and improve its SharePoint governance policy to protect confidential data and mitigate security risks.

The utility company wanted a third-party consultant to ensure its SharePoint governance policy was up-to-date, aligned with strict safety protocols, and had restrictions to prevent unauthorized access. As a result, the utility company sought AgileThought’s help to audit its current policies, provide expert SharePoint training, offer recommendations based on forecasted technology changes, and build a long-term governance plan to ensure optimal SharePoint utilization.

Client Challenges

  • Inconsistent auditing process to ensure permissions and security roles are up-to-date
  • Unawareness of how existing SharePoint 2010 environment features could improve governance prior to a full SharePoint 2016 implementation
  • Lack of understanding how the new compliance capabilities in SharePoint 2016 could support the utility company’s governance objectives
  • Uncertainty with creating an actionable, long-term governance plan that adheres to strict industry regulations and can adapt as business needs evolve

Value Delivered

Expert Guidance Through Hands-On Workshops

As part of the discovery phase, AgileThought interviewed the utility company’s stakeholders and influencers to understand their key compliance, audit and threat management concerns. Based on the outcome of these interviews, AgileThought facilitated numerous educational workshops, providing expert guidance on SharePoint 2016’s new features and demonstrating how these features align with the utility company’s governance goals.

Governance Plan Built for Long-Term Operational Success

Based on the results from the discovery phase and workshops, AgileThought prepared a detailed governance model outlining the recommended information architecture, information technology and operationalization plan. This extensive document — which was presented and handed off to the utility company’s leadership team — served as an actionable governance roadmap, providing ongoing strategies for process management, governance and security to help the organization remain in compliance with strict industry regulations.

New Restrictions to Prevent Unauthorized Access

To better manage access to sensitive information, AgileThought developed a governance plan that combines technical access controls, detailed system logging, and regular review processes.

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maximizing security with sharepoint governance

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