migrate enterprise app to the cloud||enterprise cloud migration

Enterprise Applications To The Cloud: Effectively Migrating Mission-Critical Applications

migrate enterprise app to the cloud||enterprise cloud migration
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A multi-billion dollar financial services firm with a global practice that expands across 150 countries needed to modernize two of its line of business applications and move them to the cloud. The objective was to take advantage of development and deployment efficiencies and cost saving opportunities by properly leveraging the Azure platform. AgileThought verified the architectural strategy, updated the deployment process and developed key scripts to ensure the enterprise-level applications would be cloud ready and that the migration process was successful

Client Challenges

  • Understanding the global impact to the enterprise and the users by moving applications housed on servers across different continents to Azure.
  • Automating deployments with Team Foundation Server Release Management, including infrastructure deployments utilizing Azure features newly released by Microsoft to maximize the efficiency and value of moving to the cloud.
  • Collaborating with the large scale of the organization’s business stakeholders as well as their IT and infrastructure teams.
  • Provide onboarding, training and support for integrated design and development teams to properly manage, develop and deploy with the new cloud-based applications.

AgileThought Azure and DevOps Solutions Architects provided thought leadership, guidance and key deliverables throughout the four-month project, resulting in the successful migration and maintenance of their critical global applications.

Value Delivered

Guidance on Infrastructure Architectural Plan for Migration

This included evaluating and recommending the environment deployment tooling and the path from a development environment to production environment. Tooling included Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates for rapid environment deployment.

Migrate Applications

The AgileThought team led the client in migrating both applications utilizing DevOps automation to automatically stand up Azure infrastructure (PaaS and IaaS, Linux and Windows OS) and deploy application code.

Evaluate The Usage & Value of Application to The Company

Organized integrated design teams across seven tracks to produce static and interactive wireframes that were each mapped to an individual user story.

Onboarding & Training Documents

Developed hand-off materials to help streamline the process of onboarding new hires and vendor partners.

enterprise cloud migration

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migrate enterprise app to the cloud

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