modernize mobile experience

Modernizing The Mobile Experience

modernize mobile experience
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Simplifying Training for Physicians on the Go


For over 40 years, an organization devoted to lifelong learning and professional development for physicians has remained the most trusted source for physician leadership and education. This organization — which recognized an opportunity to offer career development content in a simpler, more intuitive way — decided to mobilize its content management platform to boost engagement. As a result, the organization sought AgileThought’s help to design and build a responsive mobile site and mobile application for iOS.

Client Challenges

To continue its leadership in career development for physicians, the client aimed to modernize its business by:

  • Creating a seamlessly integrated mobile and desktop experience to better support physicians’ on-the-go lifestyles
  • Consolidating videos, articles and other training resources in an accessible and user-friendly platform to increase physician productivity
  • Increasing speed to market to remain competitive in a cyclical market
We worked with a number of different outsourcing companies, to varying degrees of success. This by far was the most successful engagement of my time with the association.
Hans Z.
Chief Operations Officer

Value Delivered

Delivering Excellence with Rapid Prototyping

By blending business strategy, innovation, behavioral science and design thinking, the AgileThought team rapidly prototyped a functional application in 2-3 weeks. As part of that process, AgileThought used design thinking to understand consumer needs and build an application primed for maximum engagement. Together, AgileThought and the client used these findings and worked hand-in-hand to build, test and coordinate product releases more efficiently.

Building an Innovative Native App

AgileThought built a native application for multiple platforms to drastically reduce the incremental cost of extending an application to other platforms. The application featured:

  • An Interactive Newsfeed – AgileThought implemented a newsfeed on the application to allow physicians to save and share articles, take notes and interact with peers easily
  • Intuitive Video Playback – AgileThought enabled the application’s video player to “bookmark” users’ last activity and allow them to resume playback on any device

Thought Leadership and Agile Delivery

At the beginning of the engagement, AgileThought established an agile framework to produce work in two-week Sprints using advanced backlog planning and grooming. In doing so, they were able to improve work quality, reduce risks and deliver more predictable product releases. Due to the overall success of this engagement, AgileThought and the client were able to scale this proven methodology across other business areas.

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modern mobile experience

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