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Multi-Billion Dollar Firm Accelerates Speed to Market with CI/CD

ci/cd devops
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CI/CD Pipeline Automation

Increased speed and agility reduce downtime by 85% for professional services firm



A multi-billion-dollar professional services firm with global operations in 158 countries wanted to automate its deployment processes and create predictable, agile support frameworks. The current software development process had become a burden on the firm and the development team. Stuck in a cycle of sluggish manual testing, integration and deployment, developers were losing focus and time, waiting days to get feedback on their code.

To meet the growing demand for faster release cycles and increased software quality, the firm approached AgileThought to automate the build, test, and deployment processes across all applications through a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.


  • Manual, unstructured deployment reduced the development team’s productivity
  • Configurations were not managed, allowing for “environment drift”
  • Uncompilable and untested code committed to the source branch exponentially slowed development and testing
  • Inability to execute in an agile manner; product owners were unable to review features in real-time


Solution Delivered

AgileThought solution architects provided thought leadership, guidance and key deliverables throughout the 3-month project, which enabled the following capabilities:

  • Configuration management by environment type
  • Configurated gated check-in to enforce quality process (e.g., traceability from source code to work item)
  • Continuous Integration (CI) automatically triggers a sequence of build, package and publish once quality checks are verified at check-in
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) release pipeline sequences deployment activities › Automated release for the UAT (user acceptance testing) environment


Value Delivered

Accelerating Speed to Market without Sacrificing Quality

With the CI/CD pipeline solution in place, the development team reports much faster code testing cycles. Integration errors are easier to find and resolve quickly, leading to increased productivity and more frequent deployments.Major code releases have now been reduced from 3 hours to 30 minutes.

Achieving Agility

Adopting CI/CD practices enables the team to adapt their software on-demand to accommodate user feedback, market shifts, or any changes to requirements. Product owners can see new features in real time as they are introduced into the source code. Following agile methodology best practices, the CI/CD pipeline enables the development team to focus on meeting business requirements, code quality, and security because deployment steps are automated. It streamlines internal processes to get the highest quality products out to the customer base as fast as possible.

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ci cd pipeline automation


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