next generation auditing

The Next Generation of Auditing: Delivering a Best-In-Class Digital Experience

next generation auditing
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Delivering a Best-In-Class Digital Experience


In 2012, a multibillion-dollar accounting firm with a global practice that expands over 150 countries was looking to revitalize its auditing tool set. The objective was to improve efficiency within its workforce of 70,000 and cater the new technology’s user experience to the fastest-growing segment of its employee base: Millennials. The firm was faced with several major challenges in delivering its new tool.

Client Challenges

  • Creating a simple and intuitive user experience for end users that operate within a very complex and highly regulated business environment.
  • Using modular-based design patterns to build scalable, flexible layouts that maximize reusability and minimize implementation complexity for the development team.
  • Establish modern user-interface standards and guidelines to govern a global IT program and meet rigid accessibility and localization requirements.
  • Provide onboarding, training and support for integrated design and development teams that span across 5 states and 2 countries.

The complexities of the project required additional support outside of the internal team, so the firm brought in senior user-experience and interface designers from AgileThought to provide solutions and key deliverables.


Design Audit & Heuristic Evaluation Report

This included evaluating site maps, user flows and user interfaces to understand gaps within the existing tool.

User Research & Interviews

Met one-on-one with stakeholders to assess the current business process, identify pain points and outline the key objectives.


Organized integrated design teams across seven tracks to produce both static and interactive wireframes that were each mapped to an individual user story.

Standardization Guide & Design Library

Provided a comprehensive document that guides best practices and standardizes design assets for current and future releases.

Onboarding & Training Documents

Developed hand-off materials to help streamline the process of onboarding new hires and vendor partners.

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next generation auditing

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