optimizing deployments

From Siloed To Streamlined: Optimizing Deployments with DevOpsIgnite

optimizing deployments
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Since 2002, an Indianapolis-based software company has helped more than 30,000 dentists optimize their practices with custom electronic payment solutions. As the second largest provider of dental claims, the organization facilitates more than 63 million transactions annually and centralizes electronic payments.

The organization faced challenges with managing its databases and establishing a more efficient procedure for software deployments. Recognizing an opportunity to streamline its deployment process, the organization partnered with AgileThought to create an actionable roadmap for a successful DevOps implementation.

Client Challenges

  • Time-consuming manual builds reduced the development team’s productivity
  • Inability to move data across multiple environments prevented real-time solution updates and publishing
  • Lack of integration between the project management system and the Team Foundation Server (TFS) hindered communications between operations and development
  • Insufficient code control created merging conflicts and made it difficult to pinpoint origins of code errors
  • Lack of a structured deployment process reduced speed to market

As part of the DevOpsIgnite offering, AgileThought conducted a two-week assessment—with multiple stakeholder interviews and thorough environment analysis—to determine the organization’s DevOps maturity and identify the best process for continuous deployment.

Value Delivered

Concrete 90-Day Plan of Action

After a series of on-site workshops, the AgileThought team established a clear roadmap for both short-term and longterm DevOps success by:

  • Mapping out a branching and merging strategy for continuous integration, allowing for faster failure recovery
  • Implementing a continuous delivery build and a release pipeline to expedite new features and accelerate speed to market
  • Recommending a unit testing framework to drive higher quality code

Based on the DevOpsIgnite insights, a follow-up engagement was secured to put the 90-day plan into action; the AgileThought team provided on-site source control and deployment workshops, as well as refinement of the original pipeline to improve the client’s software delivery and resolve quality of service (QoS) issues.

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optimizing deployments

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