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Real Returns for REIT Tax Partners

reit tax partners
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Maximizing REIT Market Share with an Innovative, Custom-Built Solution


A multi-billion-dollar professional services firm — which offers assurance, tax transaction and advisory services to more than 4,000 real estate, hospitality and construction clients across the world — recognized an opportunity to expand margins by enhancing its real estate investment trust (REIT) tax services. To maximize its REIT market share, the firm wanted to use innovative technology to automate its REIT compliance testing, data collection, review and reporting process. The new technology would offer more valuable analytics and insights for clients, and also provide a foundation for additional automation opportunities within the firm.

To achieve this, the firm partnered with AgileThought to build a custom application that not only drastically reduced the amount of time spent on manual REIT testing and reporting, but also allowed REIT tax consultants to deliver higher-quality and more consistent results for clients.


  • Reducing internal labor costs related to misallocated resources and a time-consuming REIT testing process
  • Minimizing human error while aggregating large amounts of data from varying sources—for both single property and multi-property REITs—to provide more accurate compliance testing results
  • Streamlining data from a variety of sources—from PDFs to Excel spreadsheets—that often lacked consistency and continuity
  • Centralizing document collection and improving storage capabilities to accelerate quarterly and annual testing activities
  • Digitizing the annual property service questionnaires (PSQs) to eliminate the hassle of manually distributing, gathering and compiling questionnaires
  • Eliminating double data entry and manual data compilation to generate re-compliance reports for property owners in a faster, more effective manner

Value Delivered

Establishing REIT Market Leadership

Because of its unprecedented REIT testing capabilities, the new application positioned the firm as a market leader in the REIT tax consulting space and tripled its REIT market share. By automating a manual process that was considered to be timeintensive and complicated across the industry, the application gave the firm a new competitive advantage and played a key role in driving revenue growth and client acquisition.

Expanding Margins and Capacity

By automating the data collection, analysis and reporting aspects of quarterly and annual REIT testing, AgileThought’s custom-built platform allows the firm’s tax consultants to conduct testing in less time, at a lower cost. Previously a manual process that could take a single practitioner 120-160 billable hours to complete, the platform now allows tax consultants to complete testing in just 10 billable hours. Additionally, the new application’s ease-of-use allows mid-level and junior practitioners to conduct testing, not just senior practitioners — alleviating both capacity and labor cost concerns.

Delivering Higher-Quality, Consistent Results

Prior to implementing the application, tax consultants relied on inputting data into spreadsheets that were often inconsistent and more prone to human error. The new application automated this data input and created a standardized tool, ensuring that all tax consultants had consistent, accurate results for clients.

Providing Best-in-Class Architecture

AgileThought created a cloud-first application using a best-in-class technology stack, which included .NET/React, Web API, Azure PaaS services and Azure Active Directory (AD) integration. Additionally, AgileThought employed microservices architecture, which now serves as the firm’s internal “gold standard” of how to correctly architect everything from data storage to applications.

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