increasing software delivery speed with automated testing

Robotic Process Validation: A System Health Check and Human Sanity Check

increasing software delivery speed with automated testing
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The Challenge

For many pharmacy dispensing systems, the morning after a production deployment is filled with uncertainty. A manual system check covers, at best, 10-20 test cases. That means hundreds (or thousands) of use cases may go unchecked. The ensuing troubleshooting and repair cause system downtime which is costly: to the pharmacy, to system users, and, most importantly, to patients who depend on these systems to receive their medicine on time.

Robotic Process Validation is more thorough, more efficient, and more predictable, and automatically covers all use cases.

What is Robotic Process Validation?

Robotic Process Validation (RPV) is a collection of scripts run after each production deployment that emulates the actions of a regular user working in your system. These scripts validate that the main use cases and most critical processes are up and running.

Sounds A Lot Like Manual Post-Release Validation, Right?

But here’s the key: RPV automatically validates all use cases – you’ll feel confident that your systems will run smoothly after a production deployment, and patients will receive a more reliable experience without disruption.

How RPV Works

  1. During the check-out window, virtual machines work simultaneously to validate use cases safely with synthetic data.
  2. After each execution of the scripts, an email with validation results is sent to stakeholders containing:
    • Logs generated during the script’s execution
    • Steps performed in each scenario
    • Outcomes – was the execution successful or did something prevent a script from finalizing its execution?
  3. If, at any point, an unexpected error occurs, the script automatically captures the error and sends an email notifying the appropriate parties of the specific process failure.
  4. Armed with everything they need for an immediate response, our developers can quickly fix the error, or, if it’s a critical break in the system, rollback the release and put the system back to a previous stage.
  5. The result: When the system goes live, users will be able to deliver necessary drugs to patients without disruption.


Benefits of RPV

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