deloitte omnia azure

Transforming Deloitte’s Audit Experience with Next-Gen, Azure-Based Platform

deloitte omnia azure
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When Deloitte & Touche LLP (Deloitte) saw an opportunity to digitally transform the audit, it decided to create Deloitte Omnia: a global audit platform that streamlines the entire audit process to elevate audit quality, provide greater insights, and deliver a differentiated, data-driven audit experience. The firm selected AgileThought™ as their partner to build Deloitte Omnia.

Using Microsoft’s technology stack and a microservices-based architecture delivered via AgileThought’s unique studio model, we built a cloud-native enterprise platform that provides a seamless, end-to-end digital audit experience. Now, auditors can monitor engagement diagnostics in real time; access advanced analytics to improve audit risk assessment and decision-making; and spend more time on what matters most: Providing clients with an enhanced, more transparent audit, greater insights, and reduced burden on their teams.

Client Challenges

  • Building a platform of this scale required a partner with expertise in cloud-based architectures, proficiency in agile software development, and experience delivering scalable (and secure) outcome-based software delivery programs.
  • Turning this vision of a next-gen audit platform into a reality also required a delivery partner who could provide the advanced skill sets required for ongoing digitization and transformation of Deloitte’s global Audit & Assurance business.

Solution Delivered

Working alongside Deloitte, we built an Azure-based environment to deliver software at scale, led several platform releases, and continuously improved the platform based on stakeholder feedback. The foundational project components included:

  • AgileThought’s Enterprise Application Development Framework — an Azure-based, enterprise-scale software development framework that includes core technologies, microservices design patterns, and continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for software delivery across multiple teams in a controlled fashion.
  • AgileThought’s Studio Delivery Model — an interactive work environment where Deloitte professionals, including audit practitioners, and AgileThought technologists could collaborate using a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). This proven model boosts productivity, work quality, and speed to market by creating small, high-performing teams.

We then ramped up production to over 300 team members across more than 30 agile delivery teams, delivering new software features every two weeks. Deloitte’s audit practitioners turned into product owners; they collaborated with our software development teams, articulating the most important features and helping them translate the business requirements into working software. We used Azure DevOps to manage all program activities — from product backlog to deployment pipelines — and Teams to facilitate communication among 300+ stakeholders.

We also automated scalability, performance and reliability (SPR) testing to properly tune the system throughout the engagement. This automated approach — coupled with our close partnership with the product owners — not only empowered the team to respond rapidly to emerging issues, but also provided reassurance that the software would perform and scale well once deployed. 

Value Delivered

Revolutionizing the Audit Process

Today, Deloitte Omnia is more than just a technology to capture audit documentation — it’s an enterprise platform that delivers on Deloitte’s vision for a digital, data-driven audit. Deloitte Omnia positions Deloitte’s audit business for the future with ongoing flexibility to continuously evolve to incorporate future innovations and be responsive to changes in client needs and regulatory developments.

Enabling Real-Time Collaboration with SharePoint and O365

Since audit work relies heavily on electronic documents — both audit evidence and working files — Deloitte Omnia uses the extensive features and capabilities of Microsoft O365 and SharePoint to simplify file-sharing, boost collaboration, and provide transparency across the audit engagement.

“We believe Deloitte Omnia is the most advanced audit technology ever created. It is as much about what you see as what you don’t. Everything in the platform is digitized and designed to be flexible, and to enable cognitive insights and recommendations. With audit quality as our foundation, the Deloitte Omnia platform boldly paves the way as the enabler of a transformed and digital audit experience for our clients.”
-Jon Raphael, National Managing Partner, Transformation & Digital Innovation, Deloitte & Touche LLP


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