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A Winning Approach to Agile Software Delivery

winning agile software development
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Setting the Groundwork for a Multi-Billion-Dollar Athletic Brand’s Agile Transformation


A multi-billion-dollar athletic brand—which manufactures footwear, sports and casual apparel—wanted to use an agile approach to streamline work delivery within its Product and Business Intelligence (BI) divisions. Prior to engaging AgileThought, the retailer had a couple of unsuccessful attempts with implementing agile, so they decided to move forward with AgileIgnite—AgileThought’s solution for assessing agile maturity and building a transformation roadmap. Following AgileIgnite, AgileThought coached the retailer’s Product and BI teams on how to fully understand and adopt agile principles. As a result, the retailer has greater transparency across teams, delivers work more predictably, and has set the groundwork for an organizational-wide agile transformation.

Client Challenges

  • Reducing work-in-progress and bandwidth strain to allow teams to continuously deliver high-quality work
  • Breaking down communication barriers and increasing transparency across teams
  • Tracking and measuring the outcomes of projects to improve business decision-making

Solution Delivered

Hands-On Agile Training and Coaching

Based on recommendations outlined during the AgileIgnite engagement, the retailer opted for additional agile coaching and consulting for its Product and BI teams. This coaching and training not only taught team members how to modify their behaviors to move toward an agile mindset, but also instilled new practices so they could develop iteratively and with greater transparency. The coaching and training focused specifically on:

Scrum for the Product Team
AgileThought conducted several foundational trainings—including Scrum for Teams, Scrum Master and Product Owner
trainings—and coached the Product team throughout each Sprint event to reinforce agile principles. AgileThought also established Kanban boards to help the team track all planned and in-progress work; this visibility not only helped the retailer’s Product division streamline their work process, but also helped improve contract management and increase transparency with the division’s vendors.

Kanban for the BI Team
With a focus on Kanban best practices, AgileThought taught the retailer’s BI team how to use Kanban to easily manage their workflow by using metrics like lead time, cycle time and throughput. Now, the BI team understands how to use Kanban boards to make priorities more transparent across the organization—and, unlike before, they have a structured task backlog to make tasks more manageable.

Setting the Stage for Organization-Wide Transformation

In addition to training the Product and BI teams, AgileThought helped the retailer gain leadership support to build a cross-functional transformation team for the Global IT division. This team was responsible for laying the groundwork for an organization-wide transformation and for spearheading key initiatives to protect the transformation, which included establishing Communities of Practice (CoPs) and defining a clear transformation communication plan. Now, with AgileThought’s help, the retailer is establishing the first agile CoP within Global IT to foster ongoing learning and collaboration. AgileThought is also helping the retailer develop a broader CoP strategy, teaching the retailer how CoPs can be used to reinforce the transformation across the organization.

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winning agile software development

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