Agile devops virtual

Agile + DevOps Virtual: A TechWell Event | AgileThought

Agile devops virtual
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Agile + DevOps Virtual:

TechWell’s Agile + DevOps West has gone fully virtual this year. With over 75 talks – including five keynotes, 20+ tutorials, 40+ sessions, and 10+ industry technical presentations, attendees will be able to pick their own tracks in an engaging and interactive premium virtual atmosphere. 


Monday, June 7 – 11, 2021

Session: The Transformation Mindset: A Leader’s Guide to Embracing Agile

Speaker: Steven Granese, Managing Director Transform, AgileThought

Date: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Time: 2:00 – 5:30 p.m. EDT

Session Abstract:

Many leaders want to transform their organization to become more agile, adaptive, and responsive to the market. However, most do not deeply understand how to lead their organization through such a massive change. They install prescriptive scaling frameworks and send employees to training, but discard the elements of true transformation that are difficult. When the inevitable failure ensures, they switch frameworks, fire people, and revert back to what worked for them in the past. What these leaders fail to recognize is that the mindset they used to build their organization conflicts with the mindset required to transform their organization. In short, they fail to shift from a hierarchical, command-and-control style to a holistic, systems-thinking approach. In this workshop, Steven Granese presents his Transformation Leadership Systems Model, which is based on his background in organizational psychology and experience in consulting companies of all sizes. This model is designed with systems-thinking and teaches leaders why they must optimize their entire complex system, and not just the individual parts. Attendees will leave with a deep understanding that agile leaders must create a system which generates feedback at multiple levels. Attendees will also participate in a simulation to reinforce the model and deepen their understanding or leading real transformation.

About Steven Granese

Steven Granese has been building innovative teams and solutions for his entire 19-year career in the technology industry. His expertise lies in transforming organizations to deliver their desired business outcomes by adopting an agile way of working. He holds multiple agile certifications (CSM, CSP, PMI-ACP), and is an avid speaker for companies, conferences, and user groups. Steven currently serves as the managing director of agile consulting at AgileThought, were he leads a team of the top agile coaches in the Tampa Bay area. He holds master’s degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University.