Globally Diverse

AgileThought Virtual Community: Agile Heard Around the World

Globally Diverse
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AgileThought Virtual Community

Now more than ever, companies around the world are scrambling to acclimate to the new reality we’re all facing: Social distancing and entirely remote workforces. For some, this shift may be less impactful – but for many, this is a daunting behavioral and emotional adjustment.

This is why we introduced our virtual community events: To give attendees a platform to ask questions about the challenges they’re running into.


Conversation Topic:

Agile is a household term these days. It is no longer new and has reached all corners of the globe. So, how has agile evolved? How is agile expressed in different parts of the world and industries? During this AgileThought Virtual Community event, we welcome our guest panelists: Gabriela Correa of Brazil, Ola Berg of Sweden, Abiodun “Abby” Osaba of Nigeria, Chandan Lal Patary of India, and our very own transformation consultant and agile competency lead, Quincy Jordan of the United States, to have a conversation from their perspective on the present and future of agile.


What to Expect:

Building upon our previous sessions, this AgileThought Virtual Community panel will give attendees a platform to engage in some of the following topics:

  • Agile culture for teams and organizations
  • Business agility
  • Agile frameworks and approaches
  • The impact of COVID-19 on agile approaches


We will also record this virtual panel and publish it on our On-demand Webinars for future viewing.


Who Should Attend:

Anyone impacted by this transition is welcome to join, but this will be particularly helpful for:

  • IT Leaders who want to understand the challenges their teams are facing
  • Managers looking for ways to support their direct reports
  • Companies looking for remote solutions for their teams
  • New remote teams


*Note: The virtual Zoom link for our event will be sent upon registration

About The Panelists

Quincy Jordan is an experienced senior level strategist and consummate transformative agilest with domain expertise in agile and Waterfall. He is an adept project portfolio, project, program, process improvement and change management consulting professional with more than 20 years of experience in various industries including: IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Government and Real Estate Development.

My name is Abiodun “Abby” Osoba. I am an International Business Agility Coach & Trainer for Enterprise Agility Adoption at The Agile Advisor Africa. I believe that being agile is about a state of heart beyond being about a mere state of mind. It is this heart that makes transformation happen and evolves until it becomes an organic interwoven part of a company’s culture, structure and employee default behavior. When I was first exposed to agile, I would never have thought I would hold this premise today. I have spent the last 20 years of my life as a Management Consultant, crossing industries such as banking, insurance, telecommunication, entertainment, non-profit, utilities, education, legal, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and of course IT. My sweet spot is Business/Organizational agility because of my experience in adapting agile best practices to an organization’s ideal state. Put simply, there is nothing greater than starting to see all the “aha” moments happening with teams, executives, and middle management. It tends to be like a domino effect that had once seemed impossible. When every training class, agile presentation, and side conversation you’ve had comes to life and makes sense to the customer, there’s nothing like it.

Chandan Lal Patary is the author of the books, We Can Lead- A guidebook of personal Leadership & Self Coaching (2020), The Scrum Master Guidebook – A reference for obtaining Mastery (2019) and The Agilist’s Guidebook – A reference for organizational Agile Transformation (2018). He is working as an Enterprise Change Transformation Lead. He has approximately two decades of Information Technology product development experience. He has been conducting research on organizational development and transformation for a decade. His focus areas are organizational transformation and business agility, innovation, strategy, execution excellence, and correlation with people leadership and the impact of all these into organizational growth. He has written 580+ blogs on LinkedIn. He has written 20+ technical papers in varied national and foreign journals e.g. PMI-Bangalore, Dzone, and PM World Journal. He has received PM World Journal, 2017 Editor’s Choice Awards for the paper “Increasing Business Agility through Organizational Restructuring and Transformation”.

Ola Berg started out as a developer in the 1990s, with ideas about the benefits of designing everything upfront. After a couple of years doing professional development work, he came to realize that the best designs are emergent. They grow from tight collaboration between developers, users, and other interested parties – in small increments, which the computer industry has known for more than half of a decade. He made contact with the agile methods in 2007 and became a full time agile coach in 2012. Today he spends most of his days helping organizations becoming more agile, tearing down the walls between all departments: Legal, finance, IT, marketing, & more.

Agile Coach and Project Manager at BRQ Digital Solutions, Gabriela has over ten years of experience in software development, having worked in companies in India, USA, and Latin America. Her inspiration is delivering value through technology by developing people’s capabilities and enabling continuous improvement. She has also a Bachelor degree in System Analysis and Development from Senac-RS. She is specialized in product management and agility. Gabriela is a Lean Inception trainer, a successful tool in Brazil used for product development.