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AgileThought Virtual Community: Effective Remote Collaboration For Business People & Developers

Thursday, June 11, 2020 12:00 - 1:00 p.M. EDT

Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting

Date: Thurs. Jun. 11, 2020




AgileThought Virtual Community

Social distancing and entirely remote workforces are the new reality for most companies around the world. For some, this transition may not weigh too heavily – but for many others, it’s been difficult to acclimate to this sudden change and the emotional and behavioral adjustments that accompany it.

That’s why we created this virtual community workshop: To give you the space to talk freely about the challenges you’re running into. This open-dialogue event is moderated by our agile coaches and experts. We cap each discussion at 60 participants to maximize the value of our conversations.


This Week’s Conversation Topic:

The Agile Manifesto has a principle that states: “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.” But, how can we do that when we are all working remotely?


What to Expect:

Transparency doesn’t have to mean micromanagement, and it doesn’t mean there isn’t accountability, but it will take a bit more effort while working remotely. Building upon our previous sessions, this AgileThought Virtual Community forum will provide attendees with tips on keeping business and IT teams aligned in a remote work world.

We will also record this virtual forum and publish it on our training library for future viewing.


Who Should Attend:

Since the impacts of this global transition are being felt far and wide, anyone is welcome to participate. However, this workshop is particularly beneficial for:

  • New remote teams
  • Organizations seeking solutions for their remote teams
  • IT leaders who want to understand their team’s challenges
  • Managers looking for ways to support their teammates



*Note: The virtual Zoom link for our event will be sent upon registration

Julee B AgileThought Agile Coach

Quincy Jordan, Principal Transformation Consultant

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