Virtual Community: AMA – Ask Me Anything – Panel of Agile Consultants

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AgileThought Virtual Community

Now more than ever, companies around the world are scrambling to acclimate to the new reality we’re all facing: Social distancing and entirely remote workforces. For some, this shift may be less impactful – but for many, this is a daunting behavioral and emotional adjustment.

This is why we introduced our virtual community panel: To give attendees a platform to discuss the challenges they’re running into. This open-dialogue event is facilitated by our agile coaches and experts. This panel will be capped at 60 participants to ensure a high-quality discussion.


This Week’s Conversation Topic:

This week’s conversation is as straightforward as it sounds: Ask us anything about agile. Bring your curiosity and get answers to the questions you’ve been burning to ask, including:

  • “I have stakeholders who are insisting on attending Scrum events. Is that OK?”
  • “What do we do about managers who want to direct the work for Scrum team members?”
  • “Our leadership says they are in support of agile, but we can tell they don’t know what the means. How do we help them help us?”
  • “Can teams really be as transparent as agile suggests?”


What to Expect:

Building upon our previous sessions, this AgileThought Virtual Community panel will give attendees a platform to ask their most pressing agile-related questions.


We will also record this virtual panel and publish it on our On-demand Webinars for future viewing.


Who Should Attend:

Anyone impacted by this transition is welcome to join, but this will be particularly helpful for:

  • IT Leaders who want to understand the challenges their teams are facing
  • Managers looking for ways to support their direct reports
  • Companies looking for remote solutions for their teams
  • New remote teams


*Note: The virtual Zoom link for our event will be sent upon registration

About The Panelists

Dan Neumann is an agile coach and trainer at AgileThought with more than 20 years in professional services, helping clients realize business objectives through process changes or custom software solutions. Dan has a decade of experience consulting agile and Lean methods for rapidly creating customer value.

Quincy Jordan is an experienced senior level strategist and consummate transformative agilist with domain expertise in agile and Waterfall. He is an adept project portfolio, project, program, process improvement and change management consulting professional with more than 20 years of experience in various industries including: IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Government and Real Estate Development.