How to Design, Prototype and Validate Your Next Big Software Product

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Innovation is more important now than ever. But how do you accelerate innovation in the enterprise?

In this webinar UI/UX Designer and Product Developer, Adam Wisniewski discusses design, rapid-prototyping and product validation strategies that can help your team improve collaboration, develop better software and super-charge innovation.

This 60 Minute Webinar Includes

  • Learn what some of the top companies are doing to stay innovative and how you measure up
  • Discover how to facilitate “Design Thinking” within your product team
  • How to go from Idea to Proof of Concept quickly and efficiently
  • Learn how to leverage “Lean” principles to improve workflow and increase speed
  • Receive a walk-through of rapid prototyping techniques and how to use them to quickly iterate and improve the product development process
  • How to ensure quality and reduce risk with product testing and a user validation
  • 15 minute Q&A

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