Agile Heard Around the World_On-Demand

AgileThought Virtual Community: Agile Heard Around the World

Agile Heard Around the World_On-Demand
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Agile is a household term these days. It is no longer new and has reached all corners of the globe. So, how has agile evolved? How is agile expressed in different parts of the world and industries? During this AgileThought Virtual Community panel, our guest panelists: Gabriela Correa of Brazil, Ola Berg of Sweden, Abiodun “Abby” Osaba of Nigeria, Chandan Lal Patary of India, and our very own transformation consultant and agile competency lead, Quincy Jordan of the United States, have a conversation from their perspective on the present and future of agile.

Building upon our previous sessions, this AgileThought Virtual Community panel will give viewers a platform to gain insight on some of the following topics:

  • Agile culture for teams and organizations
  • Business agility
  • Agile frameworks and approaches
  • The impact of COVID-19 on agile approaches


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