Agile Thinking Hard to Find Places On Demand

AgileThought Virtual Community: Agile Thinking in Hard to Find Places

Agile Thinking Hard to Find Places On Demand
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Agile isn’t just about software development teams and frameworks. It’s also about how you think, your approach to solving problems, collaboration, and delivering value. During this AgileThought Virtual Community panel, we start part one of a mini series exploring agile thinking in places we may not normally think of when we think about agile. Tune in with host Quincy Jordan, AgileThought’s Director of Innovation, and special guest panelists.

Building upon our previous sessions, this panel gives viewers a platform to discover agile thinking in the following areas:

  • Human Resources (Panelist: Natal Dank — PXO Culture)
  • Finance (Panelist: Cindy Cruz — PwC)
  • Family Life (Panelist: Yvonne Marcus — Agile Coach for Families)


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