Fireside Chat Agile Session #3

Fireside Chat | Agile Outside of IT — Building a Finance Org of the Future

Fireside Chat Agile Session #3
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Accelerate: Digital Velocity Summit | Session #3

Tune in with Digital Transformation and Enterprise Agile Leader, Quincy Jordan and Senior Enterprise Consultant, Adam Ulery, as they chat with leaders from the innovation and finance areas of PwC on how to build a finance org of the future.

Session Highlights

One Piece of Advice Regarding an Agile Transformation

Outcomes vs. Output – How We Managed Through Catastrophe


What We Would Do Differently If We Had to Start Over

Fail Fast. Learn Faster. Making Room to Experiment


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Quincy Jordan is an experienced senior level strategist and consummate transformative agilest with domain expertise in agile and Waterfall. He is an adept project portfolio, project, program, process improvement and change management consulting professional with more than 20 years of experience in various industries including: IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Government and Real Estate Development.

Quincy Jordan (Facilitator), Director of Innovate & Agile Leader, AgileThought

Adam Ulery has 18 years of technology business experience and over a decade of agile experience helping teams in multiple industries solve tough business problems. He is a skilled consultant, coach and servant leader, bringing out the best in individuals and teams at all levels of the organization. With a focus on business agility, Adam serves his clients to achieve exceptional business outcomes. He is an enthusiastic, energetic leader who is passionate about growing individuals and teams to exceed what they thought was possible. Adam is a conference speaker and is active in the agile community; he also founded the Tampa Bay Scrum Masters Guild.

Adam Ulery (Co-Facilitator), Senior Consultant, AgileThought

Victoria is a skilled facilitator, continuous learner, and avid change agent offering over seven years of experience in Human Centered Design, UX, Agile ways of working, process improvement, automation strategy, IT risk management, and communications. She is a Senior Manager in PwC’s idea2innovation (i2i) team within PwC’s Internal Firm Services and currently helps PwC’s Finance function reimagine its delivery model and shift toward an Agile way of working. Victoria received her Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management and her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Florida. She is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and prior to her role at PwC, she was part of KPMG’s Advisory practice with a focus in IT Risk Management.

Victoria Motes (Panelist), Senior Manager, PwC Idea2Innovation

Tom leads PwC’s Controller Operations (CO), consisting of 205 US & 100 non-US employees across FP&A, Data & Analytics, Accounting, Finance Systems, Internal Controls, Finance Business Process Outsourcing & an Idea2Innovation group, created to drive end to end transformation throughout the Firm. Tom was previously the CFO of the Assurance practice amongst other leadership positions he has held during his 21 year career with the Firm. He is also a member of the Enterprise Solution Center’s leadership council, helping to influence operations for the Firm. Tom earned a BS in Accounting from Westminster College, is a CPA and has contributed to Gartner’s “Controllership in the Digital Age”, is a Synapse board member and has spoken to the Conference Board, Chamber of Commerce, and others on the journey to digital.

Tom Alexander (Panelist), Managing Director, PwC

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