Evolution of Future-Proofing Session #7

Protect Your Market Position & Ignite Growth: The Link Between Future-Proofing and Constant Evolution

Evolution of Future-Proofing Session #7
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Accelerate: Digital Velocity Summit | Session #7

The world is moving faster. Your customers require responsive, predictable delivery. Your employees expect a rewarding work experience. Your stakeholders demand investments in innovative ideas and products to grow while you need to protect your constantly-challenged market position. This session combines many of the topics covered throughout Accelerate to address the most pressing business challenges facing large enterprises.

Session Highlights

Future Proofing & Translating Business Objectives Into Software That Delivers Value

Rationalizing Your IT Investment & How It Helps Business Objectives


How Safety in Technology Drives Innovation & Reliability Over Time

Elevating a Tech Conversation: Shifting to a Business-Outcome


Watch the Full Session


Kathy Sadden has over 30 years’ experience as a consultant and leader of sales and marketing teams for both consulting and technology services firms. In her career, Sadden has assembled high performing teams as a managing director and leader focused on building programs that led to client value and success.

Kathy Sadden (Facilitator), Chief Marketing Officer, AgileThought

As the leader of the Build Line of Service at AgileThought, Taylor supports some of the best practitioners in the business. These include Data Scientists, Architects, Delivery Leaders, Engineers, and Analysts with multiple technical competencies and domain experience. We have a long history of delivering in the Accounting, Energy, Manufacturing, and Insurance verticals and have developed IP supporting these markets.

Taylor Howard (Panelist), Managing Director, Build Practice, AgileThought

Steven Granese has been building innovative software teams and solutions for his entire 20+ year career. His expertise lies in transforming organizations to reach new levels of effectiveness, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement by adopting agile principles and practices. He is responsible for leading the Transform Practice at AgileThought, where he serves as its managing director. He leads a team of top management consultants, agile & DevOps coaches, and trainers. Steven holds Masters degrees from Carnegie Mellon and Georgetown Universities and a Bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University.

Steven Granese (Panelist), Managing Director, Innovate Practice, AgileThought

Daniel Novelo is the managing director of AgileThought’s Run Practice. With over 20 years of experience in the IT Industry, he has been responsible for developing businesses by defining commercial strategies, creating long term relationships with customers and employees, and building strong partnerships. Daniel has been responsible for revenue growth, margins improvement, and managing the monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial goals of the company. He has positioned the brand of the company, products, services, and quality by establishing a culture of agility, collaboration, and excellence within the organization.

Daniel Novelo (Panelist), Managing Director, Run Practice, AgileThought

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