January Recording AI-in-a-Day

Recording | Workshop: AI-in-a-Day (January)

January Recording AI-in-a-Day
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From Data to Decisions

AI-in-a-Day is designed to help you think differently about developing cloud applications when AI is part of the solution set. The intent is not to present yet another PowerPoint lecture on Microsoft’s Azure AI’s awesomeness or the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general. While both are true, Dr. Jerry Smith, Managing Director of AgileThought’s Insights Group, and Arni Steingrimsson, a Principal Data Scientist, will instead focus on the practical application of both, contextually bound in through Causal AI — an ability to enact real change in the world, not just observe it.

You will notice the role that causality is playing in this workshop. This is not an accident nor just wordplay. Causal AI is an emerging field that couples statistics, causality, and decision-making to identify optimal decisions towards a desired business outcome. There is one author, Judea Pearl, and one specific book, The Book of Why, that would be worth glancing through before viewing this recording. Pearl’s perspectives on causality have enabled the attainment of the new Causal AI world.

To this end, we have structured this workshop along the following timeline of activities —


45 min — Causality & Azure AI Operations at Enterprise Scale

30 min — Demo: Breast Cancer Causality & ML, Going from Data to Causal to Predictive Outcomes

45 min — Causality Lab: Identifying Causal Drivers (the Why) of an Enterprise Business Problem 

45 min — Lab (Auto ML): Develop a Digital Surrogate (Causal Prediction) Using Auto ML

40 min — Close: Optimize Prescription

About The Hosts

Dr. Jerry Smith is the Managing Director, Insights Group at AgileThought. In everything he does, he believes that unbridled intelligence can solve any problems faced by humankind. He strives to unleash us from the traditional human intelligence chains by making our systems smarter with artificial intelligence, more beautiful with design intelligence, and easier to use with behavioral intelligence. I just happen to be computer scientist with expertise in data science, machine learning, AI, and evolutionary computing.

Arni Steingrimsson is a Principal Data Scientist at AgileThought where he focuses on research and development of machine learning models. Arni started his education in engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and holds a B.Sc and M.Sc degree in aerospace engineering. He has a minor in computer science and mathematics from the same university and holds several patents in wind energy and cancer research.

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