Journey of Agile Transformations

Webinar: The Journey of Agile Transformation

Journey of Agile Transformations
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How do you Plan for a Future that Looks Totally Different?

Innovation leaders everywhere have a goal of transforming their organizations: Technically, digitally, culturally, and many use agile as a tool in the process — but what needs to happen first, and are there milestones along the way that teams can use to track an organization’s progress? Watch Ideascale’s complimentary webinar “The Journey of Agile Transformation” featuring Quincy Jordan, Director of the Innovate practice at AgileThought, to find out how you can guide your organization on the path to transformation.

Session: The Journey of Agile Transformation

Speaker: Quincy Jordan, Director of Innovate, AgileThought

Session Abstract:

Agile Transformation isn’t a destination. It is the experience of the journey where behaviors evolve, decisions improve, and acting on learning becomes the precipice of success. What happens along the journey of an Agile Transformation? It isn’t all roses and it isn’t all bumps and bruises either, but both will happen. Understanding what to expect makes all the difference in persevering. Let’s talk about those expectations.

About The Trainer

Quincy Jordan is an experienced senior level strategist and consummate transformative agilest with domain expertise in agile and Waterfall. He is an adept project portfolio, project, program, process improvement and change management consulting professional with more than 20 years of experience in various industries including: IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Government and Real Estate Development.

Quincy Jordan, Director of Innovate, AgileThought

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