What's Your Data IQ Session #1

What’s Your Data IQ? Leveraging Causality for Data, Revenue Generation, and Your Business Strategy

What's Your Data IQ Session #1
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Accelerate: Digital Velocity Summit | Session #1

From predicting cancer-causing mutations to uncovering unforeseen customer insights, causal AI is an emerging field that couples statistics, causality, and decision-making to identify optimal decisions towards a desired outcome. The goal is to create change. To achieve this, we must drive to develop causally-driven AI capabilities that scale to the enterprise.

Session Highlights

Adapting to Fast-Moving Data

Strategies to Manipulate Causal Data


Uncovering Causality and the Importance of Data

Strategies to Manipulate Causal Data


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Dan Neumann is an agile coach and trainer at AgileThought with more than 20 years in professional services, helping clients realize business objectives through process changes or custom software solutions. He has a decade of experience consulting agile and Lean methods for rapidly creating customer value. Central to Dan’s coaching is the focus on the principles and values that underlie agile methods. When people understand the principles, they gain a greater ability to respond to new situations.

Dan Neumann (Facilitator), Principal Consultant, AgileThought

For more than 25 years, Eric Sullivan has been leading clinical innovation and data-driven solutions in the healthcare sector — with a keen focus on developing data-driven models to transform healthcare by improving quality, outcomes, and efficiency. He has held leadership positions in some of the nation’s largest health plans including UnitedHealthcare and led teams in the clinical care setting to deliver patient-centered health care. His current role advances patient-precision analytics by leveraging big data technologies, Natural Language Processing (NLP), interoperability and real-time patient clinical data.

Eric Sullivan (Panelist), SVP of Innovation & Data Strategies, Inovalon

Serap leads the Information Science division of CMI Research. The Information Science division is responsible for all phases of advanced data analytics using a wide range industry leading techniques. Serap brings the rare perceptive to all her solutioning of advanced analytics, data mining, and creative story telling.  Serap is at the forefront of the marketing research industry for AI and big data advanced analytics. She is passionate about creating actionable analytic solutions that, while complex to build, are simple in their interpretation and client execution.

Serap Bilis Alvarez (Panelist), VP, Information Sciences, CMI

In everything I do, I believe that unbridled intelligence can solve any problems faced by humankind. Bar none. I strive to unleash us from the traditional human intelligence chains by making our systems smarter with artificial intelligence, more beautiful with design intelligence, and easier to use with behavioral intelligence. I just happen to be a computer scientist with expertise in data sciences, machine learning, AI, and evolutionary computing.

Dr. Jerry Smith (Panelist), Managing Director, Insights Group, AgileThought

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