Java Backend – AWS

Job Description

  • AWS , Java
  • Expert Java skills and interest in object-oriented design and domain modeling
  • Strong working knowledge of the Java web technology platform, applied use of design patterns, JSP and servlets
  • Excellent database development skills including a solid understanding of database technologies, and logical and physical data modeling
  • Experience with agile development methodologies
  • AWS Experience, specifically:
  • AWS Lambda
  • CodeBuild/CodeDeploy/CodePipeline
  • Amazon SQS
  • Amazon SNS
  • Infrastructure as code:
  • Terraform
  • Jenkins
  • Being a passionate and flexible engineer, collaborate with your team to achieve and exceed the goal to build, deploy, monitor and manage a highly performing and highly available production system
  • Influence technical solutions while coaching newer or less experienced members on your Scrum team
  • Construct and manage services published to both internal and external consumers
  • Implement platform-level components including event architectures, messaging, and caching solutions
  • Write readable, maintainable, and efficient code
  • Design and implementation of REST APIs, services, system tasks and cloud solutions
  • Enhance performance and reliability of our current solutions
  • Collaborate with team members on best practices, code reviews, internal tools and process improvements
  • Evangelize new ideas within your team as well as across teams
  • Explore open source or industry standard solutions that could be a fit for the organization
  • Spring / Spring Boot
  • -AWS Experience: ECS / ECS Fargate  oAmazon API Gateway
  • Docker / Container Orchestration (Kubernetes, etc.)
  • -MySQL
  • -Spring Data Rest
  • -RabbitMQ
  • -JavaScript
  • -Grails
  • -Hibernate
  • -Camel and event processing modules
  • -Rules Engine
  • -Cache tools
  • -Experience with session management, object relational mapping, XML web services
Position Information
Country Argentina
Location Remote
Job Type Full Time