React Developer

Job Description

  • Good knowledge of proper usage of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience designing responsive web applications using the proper CSS layout system
  • Excellent knowledge of modern JavaScript (minimum ES6: arrow functions, async/await, promised, etc.)
  • Good Knowledge on DOM manipulation to create easy to use web interfaces
  • Awareness of common browser compatibility issues
  • Great experience and usage of best practices to consume APIs asynchronously from a backend
  • Good knowledge of REST APIs
  • Experience using version control systems (preferably Git)
  • Excellent knowledge of the React library, including but not limited to:  Virtual DOM, Class vs Functional components, State vs Props, Context, Hooks, etc.)
  • Great knowledge and experience with common State management patterns (e.g., Redux, MobX)
  • Experience unit testing of React and JavaScript applications using libraries such as Jest, Enzyme
  • Exposure to TypeScript
  • Experience with backend technologies such as Java/.NET/NodeJS
  • Experience using Build and Packaging tools such as Webpack, Grunt, etc
Position Information
Country Argentina
Location Remote
Job Type Full Time