Delivery Leader (Remote)

About the Job:

Delivery Leaders at AgileThought are empowered to execute our engagements and responsible for delivering a product to the customer that meets their expectations and business needs.  They are the team members accountable for the customer’s happiness within the context of their respective engagements.

Our objective is for our clients to regard our delivery teams as a valuable partner that assists them in adding value to their business with the software solutions we provide; our Delivery Leaders are their champion.

Our goal is nothing less than creating unparalleled experiences for our clients and staff.  This involves careful monitoring and management of expectations, perceptions, and attitudes.  Successful delivery of the intended solution is paramount, but enduring value lies in executing in a way that cannot be found with any other provider. Delivery Leaders are pivotal to this objective; they are the front line of client communication, and are empowered to be responsive in leveraging the support and resources of the entire organization to fill gaps as necessary in order to maintain ongoing client satisfaction.


  • Remote, Mexico


  • Build key relationships with client managers and executives
  • Act as a bridge between all departments within the client’s organization
  • Assist in removing impediments for the delivery team
  • Manage client perceptions
  • Orchestrate collaboration between all the relevant departments within AgileThought in order to deliver success on our engagements
  • Enable the success AgileThought’s Delivery Line of Service0s by aligning and executing on internal initiatives
  • Maintain continuous, open, consistent, and professional communication with clients, peers and team members; openly listen to, and understand their ideas and concerns
  • Develop and maintain excellent rapport with the team; provide feedback and coaching to AT team members
  • Ensure that all activities are carried out in an efficient, cost-effective manner
  • Work on integrated client and AT development teams
  • Work closely with team members on quality-related activities; be the overall quality champion representing the customer
  • Manage the budget for the engagement; act as the financial steward for the client by ensuring that the decisions made are the most beneficial to them and the group as a whole
  • Scope champion; ensure all project tasks are within scope and budget be comfortable managing the client’s expectations
  • Manage project resourcing needs through the appropriate AgileThought channels

How you’ll get the job done:

  • Develop and maintain a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality with everyone you may come in contact with
  • Identify/keep track of KPI’s required to properly understand the state of the engagement.
  • Mitigate risk; proactively work project issues. We prefer for our clients to feel as though we’ve done too much rather than not enough
  • Perceive nuances of the client’s organization and communication dynamics; be politically astute
  • It is crucial to understand the boundaries of when and what to communicate Our clients expect us to be experts in communication
  • It is essential to understand the particular product being delivered and how it will provide business value to our client; take ownership of the work
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Don’t resist change, be flexible but understand the impact of change and how it affects the projects and the client
  • See the big picture when it comes to building client relationships. Make the best decisions for the client whether or not it benefits AgileThought in the short run; this will always be beneficial in the long run
  • Be tediously aware of your surroundings and the activity taking place. Don’t always take things at face value and assume all is OK
  • Be comfortable questioning the status quo

Minimum Qualifications

  • Strong understanding of the client during the delivery process; ability to balance between client satisfaction and delivery perfection
  • Proven track record of successfully leading software delivery teams at scale (+25) in an agile environment
  • Understanding of software development and delivery, and previous experience as a software developer
  • Passion around continuous improvement and excellence in project delivery
  • Become a partner and trusted advisor to clients, advising on best-fit technologies and best practices
  • Willing and able to have challenging conversations whether with the customer or an internal team member
  • Skilled at “Thinking on your feet” and staying cool and calm under pressure
  • Willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done in a quality way
  • A caring attitude – care about what you do, who you do it with and how you’re going to be successful in the end
  • Professional character

Preferred Qualifications

  • Details at 10,000ft/100ft view, level-headed, calm personality, excellent problem solving ability with the aptitude to identify business problems with enterprise-wide implications
  • Technically savvy, entrepreneurial spirit who thrives in environments that reward self-initiative and resourcefulness
  • Good knowledge of Scrum, specifically, the ability to discern proper user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Understanding of Azure DevOps application lifecycle management and reporting
Position Information
Country Mexico
Location Remote
Job Type Full-time