Senior Quality Engineer (Remote)

About the Job:

At AgileThought our delivery teams serve as valuable partners to help our clients achieve their business goals through software solutions. The Senior Quality Engineer will take part in the creation and review of project test cases. Communication and collaboration with software developers, business analysts, and product owners to determine feature/functionality candidates for test automation, isolate and report root causes of issues, plan and prioritize backlog work, manage source code, track bugs, and escalate high-to-critical defects to the development team. They also provide project reports centered on the status of automation development, execution results, and quantitative historical metrics that provide insight on development quality. The candidate operating in this role will also prepare test data and lead the integration of test suites into a continuous integration framework to be deployed on Azure DevOps, Jenkins, or other CI/CD tools.

For this role, it is essential to stay abreast on updates to existing technologies and be aware of emerging development in automation testing tools. Gaining more experience with object-oriented programming and concepts, as well as test-driven (TDD) or business driven (BDD) development is also important. The senior role is flexible and adaptive to leveraging new tools, able to multitask and take ownership of development tasks at hand. Begin adept in risk-based exploratory testing, knowledge in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), JavaScript, Git, and Rest APIs is a must. Although not required, working knowledge in implementing mobile test automation is also a plus.



  • Perform a feasibility at the start of any new technical project to determine feasibility of automation.
  • Develop and communicate automation roadmap and estimates based on feasibility study,
  • Drive the architecture of an automation framework, by planning the development environment, structure, automation tooling and libraries that fits the project tech stack.
  • Lead the integration of automation scripts on the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Build working backlog and schedule and track automation sprint work activities.
  • Develop end-to-end testing strategies.
  • Define and track test metrics, including coverage and quality.
  • Coordinate and execute automated regression testing.
  • Determine and meet time estimates and schedules for testing efforts.
  • Define test plans and entry/exit criteria
  • Maintain source code using successful git branching methodology/scheme and review inbound changes from pull requests.
  • Mentor and lead other engineers in planning, designing, and developing automation scripts for features.
  • Optimize framework where necessary to deliver quality work efficiently.
  • Act independently to determine methods and procedures of new assignments.
  • Allocate test resources to application tests in a multi-tier environment.
  • Create test models (plans, data, scripts) including test data.
  • Adhere to strategic direction set by senior management.
  • Make decisions that impact the team through regular consultation with senior management.
  • Contribute to the internal community of practice on new automation testing trends and the support of documentation.
  • Collaborate with senior developers and business team to capture and negotiate deliverables.
  • Work intelligently towards building a stable and low maintenance set of automation tests which remove the requirement to run regression tests manually.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Strong understanding in HTML, CSS, XPath, and Json, XML, JavaScript.
  • Express a high degree of analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Facilitate the steps in following the automation testing life cycle (ATLC) and QA processes.
  • Strong ability to query and manipulate data using SQL language.
  • Strong ability to query and manipulate data of Rest APIs.
  • Represent and demonstration test automation as requested, present materials in management-level or client demo meetings, and answer questions.
  • Flexible to learn and adapt to any development environment (IDE) necessary to perform test automation development.
  • Can setup and develop an entire automation framework using languages, such as JavaScript, C#, Python, or Java.
  • Research, setup, and integrate automation scripts onto new or existing client CI/CD tooling.
  • Research and utilize online community forums to troubleshoot scripting issues.
  • Can develop and maintain UI scripts using a framework built with Selenium WebDriver or any other code-based automation tool.
  • Can leverage Rest API libraries and HTTP clients to develop and maintain API scripts.
  • Can collaborate with development and business team to determine opportunities for automation and lead the architectural development of the automation framework.
  • Transient user stories, manual test cases into smoke, regression, and other forms of reusable automation suites.
  • Assist other test engineers, internal to or provided by the client toward team goals and initiatives.
  • Update and maintain automation tooling and libraries for new version releases.
  • Review automation code, and continually make improvements.
  • Mentor other engineers and lead the code reviews from pull requests.
  • Setup and instill the following of successful git branching protocols.
  • Integrate necessary 3rd party libraries and tooling to support special requirements.
  • Can analyze testing needs and create test data in support of automated testing.
  • Experience in database concepts and defect tracking tools.
  • Can execute manual test cases to validate code quality and functionalities.
  • Can quickly learn and lead the development use of codeless automation tool(s) selected by the client.
  • Participates and contributes to the internal community of practice and present information on new trending concepts and tooling to support department growth.
  • Can create and articulate automation reports and historical metrics surrounding the defects, planned versus progress, execution, and overall status and roadmap for the visibility of the client.
  • Experience communicating with client users, offshore/cross-functional technical teams, and senior management to collect requirements.
  • Work with developers in all areas to cover dependencies.
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum development methodologies.
  • Up to 75% travel


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Familiar with Audit/Assurance practices within the Big 4
  • Bachelor’s Degree in computer science and/or 5 or more years in experience as an automation engineer.
Position Information
Country USA
Location Remote
Job Type Full-time