Trainer Talk Podcast: Will a Scrum Master Certification Help Me Get a Job?

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Episode Description:

In this episode of Trainer Talk – the supplemental series to the Agile Coaches’ Corner podcast – Professional Scrum Trainer Eric Landes addresses the question: “Will the Professional Scrum Master Certification help me get a job as a Scrum Master?”

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The Professional Scrum Master Certification Bolsters Your Credentials

Of course, there is no guarantee of a job with a certification, but I believe it helps you have more intelligent conversations about Scrum when you pass a Scrum certification and gain that extra background. If you are already working in IT, one way to bolster your chances for a job is to take the class and go for the certification. Then, in your current job, use Scrum with your team at any opportunity you have.

Get Experience in the Scrum Master Role

If you can volunteer for other teams within your organization, this will help you get experience with Scrum concepts. Then, you’ll be positioned to become a Scrum Master in your current organization should the opportunity present itself. Having the certification helps, but get as much experience as you can as you attempt to become a full-time Scrum Master. 

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