AgileThought Experts Present Virtual Power BI Dataflows Demo

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(TAMPA, Fla.) — AgileThought — a leading provider of agile-first digital transformation and consulting services to Fortune 1000 clients — has published a Power BI video demo titled, “Getting Started with Common Data Service and Power BI Dataflows.” Jose Chinchilla, the director of data analytics, and Naga Vallamkondu, a technical architect, lead the technical training in the video.

During the demo, Chinchilla and Vallamkondu demonstrate how to load data into the Common Data Model using Power BI Dataflows, then show how to analyze and visualize data with Power BI by connecting to the Common Data Service. While watching the demo, viewers will learn:

  • How to use Power BI Dataflows to integrate CRM data from multiple platforms — like Dynamics 365, Adobe and SAP — into the Common Data Model (CDM)
  • Ways to manage and extend entities in the Common Data Model
  • How to create reports with Power BI by connecting to the dataflows using CDM

“This demo video is ideal for anyone who is looking to leverage and extend the Common Data Model to fit their analytical needs,” said Chinchilla. “Viewers will learn how to integrate the Common Data Model with Power BI Dataflows, and by extension, learn how to apply it within their own workplaces.”

Vallamkondu also discusses the new feature, “Mapping to Standard (CDM),” in Power BI Dataflows. “While watching the demo, attendees will learn how easy it is to map existing entities from Dynamics 365 CRM to the standard Common Data Model,” said Vallamkondu. “This not only makes it easier for them to consolidate data, but visualize it, too.”

You can watch the video here and visit our training library to explore additional thought leadership offerings.

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