AgileThought Transformation Consultants to Speak at 10th Annual Agile and Beyond Conference

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(TAMPA, Fla.) – Dan Neumann and Quincy Jordan, two agile experts at AgileThought—a national provider of enterprise custom software solutions and development consulting to Fortune 1000 clients—will be speaking at the Agile and Beyond conference presented by United Shore on Wednesday, May 29-31, 2019, in Detroit. Neumann, a senior agile coach, will present a session titled, “Agile Assessment: Helpful Remedy or Harmful Toxin?” And Jordan, a principal transformation consultant, will present a session titled, “Living Off an Agile Landscape: Agile Farming vs. Agile Gardening.”

The Agile and Beyond conference is the premier agile software development conference in the Great Lakes region. This volunteer-run conference aims to educate attendees on a wide range of agile principles and practices, from coaching to coding and more. The three-day event will gather hundreds of attendees from across the nation to explore agile topics through interactive workshops and keynote speaking sessions.

During his session, Neumann will share the merits, uses and possible downsides of various agile assessments and tools. “Companies will ask us questions like, ‘How agile are we?’ or ‘Are we getting better?’ I’m looking forward to sharing with attendees what I’ve learned and how to answer these questions to help companies gravitate towards success,” said Neumann.

In Jordan’s session, attendees will learn the key differences between agile gardening and agile farming. “Agile success is more than just collaborative workspaces and morning standup meetings,” said Jordan. “It’s about recognizing when your organization is ready to evolve agile practices from one small environment to agile at scale. The considerations must evolve as the scale evolves and agile practices begin to permeate across the organization. Agile farmers and agile gardeners have many things in common, but the differences determine whether or not they can live off an agile landscape, and I’m looking forward to helping others learn how to do that.”

For more information about the conference, visit the Agile and Beyond website.

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