Florida Dream Center

Coding for a Cause

Florida Dream Center
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At AgileThought one of our pillars that helps guide our core values is being a net giver to our community, and we are excited to host a charity “coding” event focused on developing a technology solution for Florida Dream Center that will increase their efficiency and streamline their reporting tools at no cost to them. This new technology will allow them to place more focus on the good work that they do meeting the needs in our community — restoring, feeding, serving, ministering.
coding for a cause

Everything we do is centered on technology so imagining the impact the lack of technology could have on an organization was almost mind boggling. So many non-profit employees and volunteers spend their life’s work helping others.  We are excited and eager to spend a day of coding, doing what we love to do, to bring significant efficiencies and impact more people through the great work of the volunteer. It is an honor to build this solution for them at no cost.

A few months back, we asked all of our team members to let us know of any charities they work with on a regular basis, and multiple team members shared their external volunteering passions with us. After some assessment of each charity’s needs, we selected Florida Dream Center. On May 19-20, we will be hosting AgileThought’s Coding for a Cause 2016 in our Tampa office. We have a group of AgileThought team members volunteering their time and develop expertise.

Florida Dream Center is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, providing a broad array of human services in our community. Their services include recovering and restoring sex trafficking survivors, feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, improving the community through Adopt-A-Block, addiction recovery, ministering to those imprisoned, and bringing other organizations and services in the community together for a common goal.

This event is truly a reflection of our team’s desire to impact the community by using our talents to give back.

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