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Your Business is Changing Quickly. Is Your App Ready?

Application Maintenance and Support Services

Support and Maintain Your Legacy Applications

Your existing legacy applications need to keep pace with your constantly changing business, but maintenance is a headache and takes your focus away from new opportunities.

When it comes to operating your business and applications, you may be limited by legacy applications that were created by developers who are long gone, yet demands to your business are driving important changes to your applications.

Our application maintenance team can deliver high-quality updates to your legacy apps every month, for a fixed monthly fee.

Predictable, Capable, and Responsive

Application Maintenance and Support by AgileThought can meet any range of application needs from very small to larger enterprise projects. The team at AgileThought delivers high-quality, working software to production for your specific project. Application Maintenance and Support is a predictable cost, not time and materials, and all software is delivered to your production team. The AgileThought team works directly with the people who will manage your application so there is nothing lost in translation. One hundred percent of work is done on-shore, not offshore.

With Application Maintenance and Support, we will provide you with a subscription-based solution that’s predictable in cost, gives you access to a highly capable technical team, and capacity to maintain the applications that drive your business.



  • No spiraling costs. Costs are predictable and not based on time and materials.
  • Strong technical team coupled with world-class DevOps capabilities.
  • Software is delivered to production, not just “it works on my machine”.
  • Enables you to consolidate efforts on new applications.
  • Increased flexibility and capacity for your team to focus on driving new business innovation.

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