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When it comes to cloud adoption, it’s not a matter of if you should move the cloud, but a matter of when and how. By placing your cloud migration on the back burner, you’re not just putting your application’s security in jeopardy—you’re falling behind the innovation curve and missing out on all the benefits the cloud has to offer.

From bolstering your business against security risks to supporting fluctuating demand, the cloud offers you flexibility and scalability to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

As companies continue to adopt a cloud-first approach and take advantage of these benefits, now’s the time to be proactive and begin planning your cloud migration. Not sure how to get started? Here’s how AgileThought can help:

Predictably and Reliably Migrate Your Database to Azure

Our Cloud Migration Factory—a prescriptive methodology for assessing, optimizing, and migrating applications and databases running on outdated platforms to the cloud—is designed to make your migration as seamless as possible.

Using sophisticated tools and extensive cloud domain expertise, our cloud experts will ensure your migration poses minimal risk and impact on your business. As part of our Cloud Migration Factory, our Rapid Assessment Toolkit and Solution Recipes will optimize your application and database for the cloud. And, for the duration of the migration, our team will provide complete visibility into the process and be transparent about any necessary changes to your system.

The business benefits of migrating to the cloud with Cloud Migration Factory are endless. Using this rapid, predictable and reliable process, our team will transition your business from an unsupported, outdated platform to a fully supported, secure cloud environment. In addition to security benefits, migrating to the cloud will ensure that your application is well-positioned to leverage current and future cloud capabilities. With access to hundreds of other services and new cloud features, you will have more flexibility to build an innovative custom cloud solution.

cloud migration


  • Eliminate the risk of running an unsupported database platform
  • Leverage proven patterns and processes to eliminate uncertainty from the migration process
  • Clearly understand the process and technology innovations through a transparent and documented process
  • Leverage deep Azure expertise to avoid a steep learning curve
  • Be ready to take advantage of future Azure innovations

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