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Design, Build and Validate Software Ideas with Rapid Prototyping

Software Prototyping

Accelerating Innovation

The turnover rate for Fortune 500 companies was higher in 2014 than at any point in history (37%). Innovation is more important now than ever. If your organization is looking to compete at the highest level, then you must be aware of the innovation challenges that modern, growing businesses face. Your company’s ability to lead the market depends on delivering great digital experiences and products, but how do you accelerate innovation within your enterprise?

Design, Prototype and Validate Your Next Software Project

RapidPrototyping from AgileThought is a comprehensive two-week process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers and stakeholders. Consider it the perfect mix of business strategy, innovation, behavior science and design thinking— packaged into a proven process that any team can use.

software prototyping

RapidPrototyping leverages both Agile and Lean UX principles to produce a number of outputs based on the needs of your organization. These outputs include: Simulated Prototype, which allows users to interact with the application through interface transitions and event triggers, or Functioning Prototype, which is a built with HTML, CSS and Javascript and allows user to interact with it in real-life environments.

With Rapid Prototyping, you will now be able to present a prototype to stakeholders, clients or users within weeks as opposed to months! Contact us today to discuss how RapidPrototyping can help your organization.


  • Discover how to use “Design Thinking” to build products your customers want and need
  • Eliminate workflow bottlenecks, go from idea to proof of concept quickly and efficiently
  • Increase speed to market by applying “Lean” principles
  • Excite team members and stakeholders with hands-on, interactive demos
  • Get your team out of documenting features and into building them
  • Improve quality and reduce risk with product testing and a user validation

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