Agile & DevOps Coaching

Fast-track Agility

A Systematic Approach to Accelerating Outcomes

Accelerate time to market, reduce wasted work, and quickly deliver customer value. Apply systems thinking and a framework-agnostic approach on your journey towards an Agile and DevOps Transformation.


An Agile Transformation can be a significant challenge for an enterprise IT organization. See how Valpak leveraged AgileThought’s training programs as part of their successful IT agile transformation.

“We have fundamentally changed the way we get work done at Valpak.” 

– Chris Cate, CIO

Iteration Over Planning: The AgileThought Systems-Thinking Approach

It is tempting to think of an organizational transformation as a project with predictable timelines and deliverables. A systems-thinking approach will help you build an iterative and resilient agile transformation system, focusing on outcomes over prescriptive planning. Leading with this transformational approach, we will teach you to iterate quickly and continuously over six core principles:

  • Customers: empathize with and focus intensely on customers
  • Outcomes: clarify and prioritize meaningful work
  • Teams: identify and empower small teams
  • Delivery: continuously deliver incremental value
  • Feedback: welcome and invite fast feedback
  • Learning: build a culture that rewards learning
The ROI of an Agile Transformation

Learn how to take a more measured approach to increasing efficiencies and reducing waste. Agile adoption is a key step to creating a framework of continuous improvement for your organization.

“The financial impacts of agile practices are difficult to ignore: agile adoption has a 205% advantage in returns when measured against a traditional plan-driven approach.”


  • Transformational Consulting
  • Agile Coaching
  • DevOps Coaching
  • Scrum Masters

Lay the foundation for agile and DevOps teams to thrive. The transformation consultant serves as a trusted business advisor for executives and senior leaders who make critical decisions and are responsible for broad organizational communication.

Primary activities include:

  • Assessing current-state agile and DevOps maturity
  • Establishing a transformation backlog
  • The forming and coaching of an agile transformation team to serve as primary change agents
  • Developing cross-functional value streams to optimize the flow of work across the organization
  • Advising leaders on the use of scaling frameworks such as SAFe® and Nexus

Maximize the delivery of value and bring out the best of your organization's greatest asset – your people - with agile coaching. Collaborating with our expert coaches, your delivery teams will learn to adopt disciplined agile practices and deliver work on a predictable cadence.

Primary activities include:

  • Coaching teams to leverage continuous improvement frameworks like Scrum and Kanban
  • Facilitating core agile practices like user story writing, release estimation, iterative planning, and retrospective sessions
  • Coaching individuals to adopt an agile mindset
  • Promoting a collaborative and safe environment
  • Assisting with tool selection to track work

Improve the security, resilience, and availability of your software products by improving your people, processes, and tools. DevOps coaching embraces agile and lean practices to break down the inherent conflict between development and operations teams.

Primary activities include:

  • Establishing an efficient workflow to quickly develop your ideas and deliver them to your customers
  • Continuously seeking opportunities to automate workflows with CI/CD pipelines
  • Teaching development teams how to automate tests and builds
  • Identifying critical enterprise architecture services, data entities, security processes, and technology patterns
  • Assisting with the selection and configuration of ALM tools such as Microsoft Azure DevOps

Ensure the success and sustainability of your Scrum teams by achieving predictable delivery. A dedicated Scrum Master plays a pivotal role in creating a high-performing agile practice, which fosters trust between business stakeholders and development teams.

Primary activities include:

  • Negotiating the interests of the development team and Product Owner
  • Creating a safe, collaborative environment for the Scrum team
  • Coaching the Product Owner on effective backlog management techniques
  • Engaging the team with powerful retrospectives that drive learning and continuous improvement
  • Removing daily organizational and team friction

Solutions to Ignite Your Transformation

  • AgileIgnite
  • DevOpsIgnite

Kickstart your new agile initiative with a proven methodology. AgileIgnite is a series of guided activities designed to assess your current agile maturity and create a roadmap for short and long-term success. 

Key activities include:

  • Discovery interviews and observations
  • Training classes from our Essentials series
  • Customized workshops to address opportunities from discovery
  • A 90-day agile transformation backlog and proposal

Kickstart your new DevOps initiative with a proven methodology.  DevOpsIgnite is a series of guided activities intended to help you gain valuable insight into your organization's software development maturity and capabilities. 

Key activities include:

  • Discovery interviews, observations, and architecture review
  • Value Stream Mapping workshop to identify workflow from teams to production
  • Proof of concept for a continuous delivery release pipeline or a release dashboard
  • A 90-day DevOps transformation backlog with a proposal for execution of the backlog


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