Application Modernization

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The drive to modernize legacy applications is often reactive, rooted in inconsistent user experiences, slow deployments and poor performance. AgileThought takes a proactive approach, aligning modernization to business outcomes. Expect built in resiliency – in the cloud or on premise – with strengthened data utility, system and infrastructure performance, security, and scaling. 


Deloitte’s global Audit & Assurance business selected AgileThought to build Deloitte Omnia; a global audit platform that enables auditors to monitor engagement diagnostics in real time, and access advanced analytics to improve risk assessment and decision-making.

We built Omnia using Microsoft Azure and a microservices-based architecture delivered via AgileThought’s unique studio model, scaling production to over 300 team members across 30 agile delivery teams, and delivering new software features every two weeks.

“We believe Deloitte Omnia is the most advanced audit technology ever created. It is as much about what you see as what you don’t. Everything in the platform is digitized and designed to be flexible, and to enable cognitive insights and recommendations.”

-Jon Raphael, National Managing Partner, Transformation & Digital Innovation, Deloitte & Touche LLP


Cloud Elasticity

A cloud migration often starts with costoptimization, but scaling and making the right cloud decisions will lead to future agility.  Securely move advanced workloads to the cloud, apply the optimal use cases to scale, and coordinate resources in a hybrid environment.

  • Cloud Migration Factory
  • Service Mesh
  • Container Orchestration
  • Microservices

Observability & Quality

Agile modernization provides transparency and flexibility when scaling. By ensuring the application is observable, operators are able to use logs, metrics, and distributed traces to intelligently identify and correct route-cause issues.


Process and workforce automation are key drivers that enable you to innovate. Our solutions include Robotic process automation (RPA), proactive failure prediction, QA and deployent automation, and digital workforce solutions.  

Application Optimization

Ensure your applications run with minimal downtime and under ideal performance conditions. AgileThought’s 24/7 managed service support, continuous delivery through DevOps, and strategic maintenance provide the uptime and performance you expect from a modern application suite.  

Data Science

Experience more utility from data science and AI, and benefit from continuous improvement and optimization. AgileThought’s data engineers find ways to enhance applications and processes with AI to maximize value and efficiency as you modernize.


One of the world’s largest pharmacy organizations chose AgileThought to assess their specialty pharmacy processes. The AgileThought team uncovered cost savings potential in optimizing shipping methods and implemented system-wide upgrades without affecting operations. The multiple ensuing projects increased automation functions by 50% in multiple areas, saving the company millions of dollars annually.