DevOps & Application Optimization

Maximize the Business Value of Your Applications

Don't Just Survive With Fragile Applications

Sluggish performance, slow response times and frequent errors can dismantle a productive workflow, or worse, customer experience. If you’re not getting optimal performance from your applications, the results can impact your entire business. AgileThought application optimization capabilities help you stay competitive and adapt to continuous changes in technology and the marketplace.


A Fortune 100 pharmacy organization turned to AgileThought when it they needed help optimizing critical systems and applications. Our team exceeded the client’s expectations, providing managed services support, process improvements, automation, and data services.


Strategic Maintenance Roadmaps 

Prevent downtime, optimize performance and keep pace with the innovation that the cloud enables. Working as an extension of your team, we continuously monitor for opportunities to leverage the ever-evolving features and performance benefits of the cloud for IT and across lines of business. 

DevOps  and Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery allows for more predictable, agile development, delivery, and adaptability to new technologies.  The results: new features are delivered faster, code quality is higher, risks are mitigated, and costs are lower.

modernize legacy application

Eyes on Performance

Accelerate your progress towards automated, business focused services driven by operational intelligence.  Starting with business mandates, we’ll establish standards for performance and determine what to re-architect, optimize, or develop. After diagnosing performance issues and mitigating the associated risks, we’ll bolster your operations  with process automation. 

“We’re not just looking for someone who can come in and add hours to our staff. We’re looking for a partner. We’re looking for someone who is willing to invest the time and resources to understand our business and how we go to market, and AgileThought has been able to do that over the past five years.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Brierley + Partners

– John Pedini


Next-day delivery has become a retail standard. Shifting IT priorities left gaps in this critical project for an auto parts retailer. They trusted AgileThought to take the most important customer-facing project of the year across the finish line. The AgileThought team learned their system components, delivered key integrations, and applied application improvements.